CryptoFights happy with results of second beta test

CryptoFights, the fantasy fighting game involving strategy, creativity and an actual Bitcoin economy, has just completed its second beta phase. Developer Kronoverse, Inc. CEO Adam Kling said he was happy with the feedback they received.

Kronoverse, inc. held its first beta testing phase in December 2019, and the second from January 29-31, 2020. The company collected feedback from testers on bugs and possible improvements, as well as extensive data on the type of devices people were using to play.

CryptoFights is a turn-based combat game where players can choose, build and utilize various skills to inflict damage on their opponents. Not only is your ability to strike powerfully with impressive weapons a factor, but also your ability to hide, dodge, cast spells, and more.

CryptoFights a demonstration of Bitcoin’s potential for esports

More importantly, CryptoFights aims to prove Bitcoin is perfect for esports and online gaming. This would open a world of opportunity for Bitcoin users and developers as others see its value and decide to join in. The worldwide esports market took in over US$560 million in revenues in 2019, and is growing rapidly—some projections say it could hit US$13 billion in turnover by 2023.

Players and spectators can place bets on the outcomes of fights, making a winning character more valuable as time goes on. Ownership of game items is recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain and they can be traded on Kronoverse’s marketplace. On top of that, the blockchain also stores all past fight moves and results—allowing for greater transparency, replays of any past fight, and detailed analysis of each battle.

The second beta test included improvements to the graphics, music and gameplay—and most importantly, a detailed tutorial on how to play. We participated in both beta test and can affirm that the tutorial made the game much more accessible. For those unfamiliar with strategy and combat games like this, it provides a step-by-step introduction on what to do, finishing with demonstration fights.

Interview with Kronoverse, Inc. CEO Adam Kling

CoinGeek spoke to Kronoverse, Inc. CEO and founder Adam Kling about the results from the latest CryptoFights beta test, who would enjoy it, and the company’s plans for the coming year.

What was the feedback from the beta tests like, and did testers notice anything major you weren’t aware of?

Our beta testers gave great feedback throughout both periods of beta testing. One of the main things we were able to improve thanks to their insights was our tutorial sequence after our first round of testing. This new and improved tutorial system helped our testers have even more fun in the second beta testing round.

What sort of improvements have you added for the second beta?

We’ve made changes to our backend to reduce matchmaking time so players didn’t have to wait as long to find an opponent. As previously mentioned, we also created a better tutorial system that will keep being improved. Also various improvements and bug fixes. In the next beta we will have many more arenas, new human character models, new sounds and music, wallet registration, and more…

What’s the biggest problem in the current esports and online gaming industry you’d like to solve?

The biggest problem I’d like to solve in the current esports and online gaming industry is game integrity and having native cash tournaments. I really believe that blockchain technology can help us improve the integrity of competitive gaming thanks to its transparency and ability to record every action ever taken on the ledger. Native cash tournaments will be a game-changer for the industry because it will usher in “pro” gaming to the masses. You can finally have a real method to profiting from playing video games well with the Kronoverse platform.

What sort of demographic/market do you expect CryptoFights to appeal to?

CryptoFights is expected to appeal to everyone from the occasional gamer who enjoys smooth gameplay to the lifelong gamer who loves to compete and develop their own fighters. CryptoFights is also the perfect game for people who not only want to challenge other players but also want to raise the stakes by playing for actual money.

How much will new players need to learn about Bitcoin before playing (if anything)?

CryptoFights players don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin before playing it. The beauty of CryptoFights is it makes blockchain gaming accessible to anyone who loves video games.

What’s the minimum amount of money a player would need to spend to play the game?

We will have a free training system so users can play and get used to the game, when they want to enter the paid arenas we will have small starting entry fees that might be around $0.05-0.10. We are still deciding this and looking for feedback when we go into open beta with more arenas.

How much could they expect to win, if they play for a while?

Thousands or more with elimination tournaments.

When’s the official public launch date?

We do not have an official launch date but expected to be in Q3-Q4 2020.

What sort of in-game items can users create?

Currently, they can create their custom fighter but items will be dropped in the arenas they fight in.

Do you need to have a fighting character to create/sell them?

If you are speaking to selling game items then no. You can buy/sell/trade game items without even playing CryptoFights.

You’ve said CryptoKitties was an inspiration for your move into blockchain gaming. How did that influence the choice to use BSV as the blockchain of choice (if it did)?

CryptoKitties was the inspiration to get into blockchain gaming in general, the influence to switch to BSV was the issues we were having with Ethereum for operating our game with a blockchain backend and trying to get rid of sidechain tech.

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