CryptoFights beta test to show what Bitcoin can do for online gaming

Tired of grinding your way through level-ups for worthless in-game currencies? Online gaming platform Kronoverse is about to launch beta testing for its first title CryptoFights, where players wager (and win) real money in combat.

Kronoverse hopes to be one of the first companies to demonstrate Bitcoin SV’s promise to bring gaming and gambling back to Bitcoin.

The first stage of the closed beta is open to Android device users from December 16-19, via Google Play store or direct download APK. Otherwise, all you need to do is register your email address on Kronoverse’s homepage—it’s open to all who do so.

Kronoverse has opened forums on its site and launched a Telegram group for discussion. If posts in those groups are anything to go by, many are eager to get started. Players are already talking about the fighters and skillsets they intend to create, and asking questions about what will be possible.

CryptoFights is, as the name suggests, a combat game where players can choose to be human, elf or dwarf. Each has its own traits and skills. Players can customize their fighters’ race and appearance, as well as basic traits (eg: strength, dexterity or intelligence). Other advantages must be gained through experience in battle.

Players can’t edit an individual fighter once the basics (race/skillset and general appearance) are set, but they can create as many different fighters as they like.

The benefits to gaming on-chain and the Metanet

All games played, including all moves made within, are stored permanently on the Bitcoin blockchain. That means fights can be broadcast to any device and replayed/analyzed in perpetuity.

Game mechanics are also stored on-chain, giving players and observers far greater transparency. This is important when real money is at stake. Players can earn money from their fighters and in-game creations, and (where legal) observers can wager on fight outcomes, letting everyone participate.

There’s a marketplace for in-game items and assets, and unlike on game platforms of the past, participants retain full ownership of any digital assets, instead of the developer.

Kronoverse is a platform that will ultimately host many games, of which Crypto Fights is the first. Its homepage touts the benefits the real Bitcoin can bring to online gaming:

“True transparency for the game mechanics and player actions creates new data opportunities for auditing player moves, player move broadcasting, analysis, and the metaverse. Using blockchain technology the Kronoverse platform can innovate the esports space by challenging the network layer of games and the future of how games are made.”

Bitcoin initially promised much to the online gaming and gambling world. However early fun (and profits) soon turned to dismay as BTC’s deliberately stunted transaction capacity led to congestion and prohibitive fees.

With the restoration of Bitcoin as BSV, that promise returns. CryptoFights will also be more than the rudimentary dice games most Bitcoin gaming sites used to offer, with full graphics and action adding to the appeal.

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