CoinGeek London Conference 2020 Day 2 recap

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A new dawn.

That’s the overall theme at Old Billingsgate the past two days, and it was not only prevalent visually, but also in the presentations that continued on the second day of the CoinGeek London Conference.

For Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, host of the two-day event, the new dawn theme was very important.

“I wanted to depict it visually, not just by talking about it. And so I did that in various ways,” Nguyen told us. “Just the graphic branding of our conference, if you look at it, is orange rays which sort of signify a new sunlight, a new dawn. And in my opening presentation, I had lots of imagery of sunrises and what a new dawn means for Bitcoin SV in practical terms.”

And it was indeed a new dawn for innovators, enterprises and projects harnessing the power of the Bitcoin SV network.

Stephan Nilsson, founder and CEO of UNISOT, demonstrated how the BSV blockchain can enhance traceability and sustainability in the supply chain with the launch of SeafoodChain—a solution that covers the seafood industry’s entire journey “from sea to plate.”


nChain, meanwhile, announced its collaboration with PDX Inc. and EHR Data Inc. to create a Global Eletronic Health Record using the BSV chain to manage data. What this means is that EHR Data will work with nChain to migrate the National Health Coalition’s 41 years of healthcare experience to Bitcoin SV.

“Systems of healthcare information on patients will now be brought from siloed information into one single record of truth, and that data can then be accessed to take care of that patient. You can’t really look at a patient and try to diagnose when you only have pieces of information. Having it all together, that one record is going to not only save lives but increase patient’s safety,” PDX Chief Clinical Officer Cheryl Jorgenson said.

Josh Petty also unveiled some major announcements for Twetch: an invite system, a software development kit (SDK), and coming soon—private messaging systems. He explained:

Developers can come on to They can actually go there, get the documentation they need to build their own interfaces of Bitcoin. You can build computing interfaces with Twetch, you can build games on Twetch, you can build archive bots on Twetch, you can do all kinds of fun stuff.

Meanwhile, the top three pitches from Bitcoin Association’s second BSV Venture Pitch Day took the stage to present their business to investors: Looter is a social fitness application, while Memento is looking to disrupt traditional social media sites and ActivitySV allows users to encrypt their activity data, transport it, and safely send it to another location

Day 2 of the conference also featured a dialogue between nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on the merits and potential uses for Bitcoin and an immutable ledger for an organization like Wikipedia. Another event highlight was the fireside chat between Dr. Wright and famed economist and writer George Gilder, who also had a keynote presentation in which he reviewed some of his classic views and catchphrases on economics and technology.


To get more highlights from the last two days, as well as insights into the world of Bitcoin SV, head to See you at the next conference!

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