Second BSV Venture Pitch Day: Meet the top pitches

On Day two of the CoinGeek London conference, three of the top companies pitching Bitcoin businesses took the stage to present. Bitcoin Association’s BSV Venture Pitch Day gives developers and projects the chance to present their business to investors, and Looter, Memento, and ActivitySV all shared their visions and information regarding the companies they are building. Let’s take a look at these three projects and what they do.



Looter is a social fitness application. Looter pays individuals for submitting their exercise data and allows them to collect, store, analyze, and even sell this data. In addition, Looter allows individuals to participate in a gamified exercise ecosystem. Users of the application can set up checkpoints called ‘loot boxes’ in fitness areas, like a running route, for example, and other individuals who are exercising in that area can unlock the loot box and receive a bitcoin payment if they satisfy the conditions ascribed to the box. Users of Looter can also sell their data to third parties interested in fitness, such as insurance companies. Ultimately, Looter is incentivizing individuals to get more exercise and rewarding them for exercising. 



An on-chain social media app, Memento has a similar look and feel as Instagram, however, it solves a number of the problems that traditional social media websites like Instagram currently have. On Memento, you upload photos and receive a payment anytime someone executes an action (likes, comments, etc.) on your image. Because you own all of the data you publish to the platform, you own all the rights to your artistic expressions.

This app is perfect for social media influencers who are currently using social media networks for free, receiving a significant amount of engagement on their photos, but not receiving any revenue from the corporate giant that is harvesting their data in the background and selling it.

Memento is looking to disrupt traditional social media sites like Instagram by empowering the user and allowing them to generate income from the photos that they publish online.



ActivitySV was the last to present. Activity SV is a company founded by Lin Zheming. ActivitySV allows users to encrypt their activity data, transport it, and safely send it to another location, with the guarantee that it can only be decrypted by the intended party. For example, let’s say the activity data at hand is your health care info.

ActivitySV allows you to encrypt that data, send it to your insurance company, with the guarantee that this sensitive data will not be leaked in transmission or intercepted by an individual who was not the intended recipient.

On ActivitySV, individuals can also package their activity data and sell it to a third party. Activity SV can even act as the data dealer if that is what the users wished for.

It’s time to build

Each of these companies did a great job presenting, and we look forward to seeing what comes out of them in the future.

There are a lot of great ideas floating around the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, but it is time to build! When you come to the table with a live product that already has customers and is generating revenue, this gives you the greatest chance of succeeding when it comes to the business relationships you are looking to create.

We look forward to seeing the final build from each of these companies! Did not make it to the second BSV Venture Pitch Day? Feel free to submit your Bitcoin venture to us.

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