Brandon Bryant interview

Brandon Bryant talks why HandCash is going to be the Nintendo Wii of Bitcoin wallets

Brandon Bryant knew from back in his college days that he wanted to get into the world of digital currencies. This was way before the industry exploded in 2017, and back then, not many knew of Bitcoin. His love for Bitcoin remains just as strong after all these years, and in a recent podcast appearance, he discussed why he chose BSV, his journey as a Bitcoin developer, and how he’s building for the future at HandCash.

After leaving school, he shopped around for a big corporate job where he could explore his love for Bitcoin more, but these big companies ‘had no vision for it.’ This was back before Bitcoin became ‘cool’ and global giants started piling in.

Bryant ended up getting a job at a local startup known as Anypay, which “did crypto payments in real life, and it was the coolest thing ever.”

“We onboarded all of my hometown and I basically lived my days walking around paying in crypto,” the backend engineer at BSV wallet HandCash recalled in an appearance on the High Altitude Investing podcast.

At Anypay, Bryant handled many digital currencies, from BSV and BTC to Ether and Dogecoin.

“So I got a lot of experience working with each chain, and I fell in love with the vision of BSV and what it can offer, and I was fortunate to team up with HandCash which had the best user experience out of any Bitcoin wallet I ever used,” he said.

Choosing BSV was an easy decision for Bryant once he started thinking about what Bitcoin will look like in the next 20 years. By then, block subsidies will have been cut repeatedly and will hardly cover the operating costs for the miners. BTC has relied on the subsidy purely, a business model that’s unsustainable in the long run.

BSV relies on transaction fees just as much as it does on the block subsidy, and the reliance on the latter will gradually reduce as the blocks get bigger. This model promotes and incentivizes higher transaction volume as the more the transactions grow, the more the income for the miners will grow and the lower the fee per transaction for the users.

BSV relies on the same business model that has made Amazon a trillion-dollar company—offering the cheapest price at scale.

“BSV is the Amazon of blockchain because transaction costs go down as more people use it while in BTC, the only way to make more money is charge higher fees. What successful Fortune 500 company has a business model like that?” Bryant observed.

Despite its obvious advantages, BSV has been constantly fought against by deep-pocketed adversaries. The developer believes that this has a lot to do with the establishment’s disdain for Dr. Craig Wright. Most of these well-backed firms would have their business models wrecked once Dr. Wright has his way as he fights for the original vision he had for Bitcoin since its launch. They are determined to fight him to the very end to ensure they contain Bitcoin and relegate it to a speculative asset.

Bryant believes Craig is Satoshi, and for him, it’s Dr. Wright’s unmatched understanding of Bitcoin that won him over. He recalls a panel discussion Dr. Wright had with OG Bitcoiners like Faketoshi Nick Szabo back in 2015 when he told them that Bitcoin is Turing complete and can support smart contracts. They all laughed him off and claimed he was obviously wrong. Fast forward a few years later, and smart contracts are deployed on Bitcoin SV for every other use case.

Ironically, while the big money has publicly dismissed Dr. Wright as a wannabe Satoshi, they have dedicated vast resources to fight him. Even those not directly in the industry, such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, have joined the anti-Wright side.

“You have to ask, why are they paying so much attention to this?” Bryant said.

At HandCash, Bryant and his colleagues strive to make Bitcoin easy to use for everyone. HandCash is trying to be the Nintendo Wii of Bitcoin wallets, he stated. While many wallets target the Bitcoin-savvy users, HandCash is out to bring the non-Bitcoin people into the industry, in the same way that Nintendo Wii targeted the average user and not just the gaming fanatics and became a global hit for that.

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