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CoinGeek Bitcade Warsaw Stage
Events 27 July 2022

CoinGeek Bitcade Warsaw highlights

After the success of the inaugural CoinGeek Bitcade in Miami, the second CoinGeek Bitcade kicked off at ESPOT in Warsaw on June 7, immediately following Bitcoin Association’s “Blockchain 4 Gaming” conference.

Rafa Jimenez on Blockchain 4 gaming
Events 20 July 2022

Blockchain 4 Gaming & CoinGeek Bitcade Warsaw highlights

BSV Blockchain Association organized a day of presentations and networking for game developers, investors, gamers, and other gaming companies at the Blockchain 4 Gaming conference followed by the CoinGeek Bitcade social in the evening.

CoinGeek Bitcade and Bitcoin SV logo on Warsaw background
Events 3 June 2022

CoinGeek Bitcade makes its way to Warsaw

After a very successful launch in Miami, CoinGeek Bitcade is headed to Warsaw, Poland, on June 7 for a night of networking and blockchain-based gaming.