Changing the tone of Bitcoin discussions, one CambrianSV bootcamp at a time

In September 2019, 30 developers from Bitcoin SV (BSV) startups gathered in Bali, Indonesia, for a week of working together to boost the Cambrian explosion of creativity and innovation happening in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

CambrianSV Bootcamp was the first-of-its-kind global BSV developer get-together, organized by the people behind the RelayX superwallet along with Bitcoin Association. RelayX founder Jack Liu called the inaugural event a “bit of a risk,” but it’s one that’s paid off—not just for the organizers, but for the BSV network as well.

Paul Martin, of RelayX, told CoinGeek: “CambrianSV was designed as a bootcamp to change the tone of the discussion, and we think it accomplished just that.”

“Entrepreneurs gathered from around the world in a remote location that none of the organizers had visited before, as a filter for quality and commitment. Their aims were to learn, and more importantly, build with the central Bitcoin idea of competition in mind,” he said. “By the end of the event, the entrepreneurs had established not only a path forward to competition to put the most transactions on-chain, but also a path to cooperation.” 

CambrianSV has left its mark

The seven-day Bali bootcamp accomplished a lot of things: it helped boost BSV innovation as it brought participants closer in a Bitcoin forum. This means that BSV developers are more united in leading the blockchain into the future. Martin said: 

CambrianSV was an inspiring experience that left its mark, one I believe gets to the heart of Bitcoin. We should all work to increase efficiency and truth through competition in positive-sum games that create wealth and usher the rest of the world into a brighter future.

And now, the “Proof of Work” program is taking place in a new location: Lisbon, Portugal.

“We never went into the first bootcamp thinking we would do multiple events but as Bali came to an end, we realized there was so much more to explore,” Liu said. “We chose Lisbon because it is an emerging European ‘digital nomad’ hub and as CoinGeek London is set to take place later this month, it felt like the right place to be as Cambrian moves from Asia to the rest of the world.”

Don’t expect prizes to be given out

The atmosphere of the second CambrianSV bootcamp, which kicked off Feb. 9, encourages collaborations to allow its participants to learn from each other, build their projects and speed up the launch of the products. Put simply, there are no prizes but expect “more engaged discussions and debates.”

Liu said, “Cambrian Bali was a unified call to action while Cambrian Lisbon will dive deep to explore and embrace our differences in order to find common ground. The nature of the event’s format will feature more roundtables and debates instead of solo presentations. Bali was singularly focused on increasing on-chain transactions of individual apps while Cambrian Lisbon will be much more multi-party with the goal of building partnerships between applications.” 

Genesis marks the beginning of competitive era in BSV

The Lisbon bootcamp comes on the heels of the Genesis protocol upgrade, which brought Bitcoin’s base protocol back to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision and functionality. The return to Genesis is paving the way for exciting possibilities—as well as unlimited competition—on the BSV network.

“With unlimited scale now in place with Genesis, comes unlimited possibilities and unlimited competition,” Liu said. “We wanted to gather some of the experienced and emerging developers in the BSV ecosystem shortly after Genesis to properly share learnings about the possibilities with Script, miner services, and protocols.”

For Martin, “The idea for CambrianSV emerged from discussions about how Bitcoin will change the nature of business as we know it. Bitcoin doesn’t simply unlock new business models, it radically alters the underlying incentives for how, when, and where capital is allocated. An entrepreneur can take an idea to market and monetize more efficiently than ever before using Bitcoin.”

Stay tuned for’s coverage of the second CambrianSV bootcamp in Lisbon. In the meantime, you can relive how the first CambrianSV event drove developers to create a new world of commerce by watching the CoinGeek Originals: Bitcoin Bootcamp documentary.

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