A week in Lisbon to bring efficiency to the Bitcoin SV ecosystem

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The second CambrianSV Bootcamp for developers and entrepreneurs convened in Lisbon on Sunday night, with the participants from many different countries getting together at a traditional Portuguese restaurant, where many of them met for the first time.

Sadly, a few from China have had to drop out because of Coronavirus measures, and some from the U.K. haven’t yet made it because of storms causing flight cancellations from London.

Jack Liu, the founder of CambrianSV, says that while the theme of the bootcamp in Bali last year was getting more transactions on chain, in Lisbon, it’s all about—by which he means making different apps work seamlessly together, in order to make them stronger and to strengthen the ecosystem.

Ryan X. Charles, founder of Money Button, told the group after dinner that “We have a really unique opportunity right now to create real businesses …with the restoration of Genesis and unlimited scaling, there’s no reason not to just do this for real.”

On Monday morning the group will start work, on the first of five days. Their time will be split between talks and panel discussions in which they will spread the knowledge they have each acquired in their own projects, whilst also having time for coding and ‘deal-making’, to further the cause of interoperability and efficiency.

Steve Shadders from nChain will be speaking during the week, and a number of other guests will be in Lisbon will be making flying visits.

If you want to see what happened during the first CambrianSV, CoinGeek made a documentary about that event. 

We’ll be making daily reports from Lisbon, so keep watching CoinGeek’s YouTube channel for the latest news.

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