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Blockchain and IPv6 will take India back to global domination, Latif Ladid tells CoinGeek Backstage

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For over a dozen centuries, India was the world’s largest economy and was estimated to have accounted for over a third of the global economy. While it may have fallen behind, Latif Ladid believes that with its tech talent and the advent of IPv6 and blockchain, India can reclaim its spot at the top of the global economy.

Ladid was at the Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit (EUBS) in Bangalore, India’s tech center, where he delivered a keynote speech alongside nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage host Claire Celdran on the sidelines of the event, the IPv6 pioneer and 5G World Alliance chair broke down how India can leverage new technology to become a global power again.

India was once famed for its spices, and it exported its rich and advanced food culture to Europe, Africa, and the Americas. It has since moved on to become a tech powerhouse and is home to one of the largest developer communities in the world.

Latif, who is also the IPv6 Forum President, noted that blockchain is undoubtedly the killer application for IPv6. Combined, the two will transform every other industry, and India is in a prime position to lead this revolution. Already, the country has a healthy lead in IPv6 adoption ahead of China and the United States.

“With India’s talent in software engineering, they’ll be able to create a lot of applications based on blockchain for all kinds of industries,” Ladid told CoinGeek Backstage.

“I expect in the next five years, India will be the biggest blockchain nation,” he added.

Ladid believes that a critical component of India’s rise as a blockchain nation is education. This includes partnering with local universities to equip students with the skills they need to build on the blockchain. Ladid pointed out that the BSV Academy courses and the IPv6 Forum’s training courses are a great place to get started for any Indian with an interest in blockchain and IPv6, respectively.

Ladid expects India to maintain its healthy lead in IPv6 adoption, championed by the country’s largest telecom network Jio which has introduced IPv6 to 250 million users. This, Ladid noted, is the largest ISP in the world ahead of China Telecoms, with around 160 million users.

Watch: Latif Ladid’s keynote speech: IPv6-Based 5G/6g, IoT and Blockchain at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention

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