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Meike Krautscheid: Europe is waking up to blockchain technology

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Europe is starting to realise the full potential of blockchain technology, says Meike Krautscheid, Chief Commercial Officer at SmartLedger, a blockchain solution distribution channel. 

Meike believes that Europe is finally catching up with its transatlantic neighbours in recognising the power of blockchain as a solution. This is something that she hopes to capitalise on, by positioning SmartLedger as “one of the first movers in the field.” 

SmartLedger uses blockchain technology to provide solutions to clients through a combination of consultancy, partnership and internal development. This can mean anything from connecting clients with innovators working on blockchain applications to actually developing services to meet client’s needs. 

For example, SmartLedger recently developed TicketMint, a platform built to solve ticketing fraud, scalping and a lack of transparency in the events industry. Built on the BSV blockchain, TicketMint can operate on a global scale without worrying about high numbers of transactions and high transaction fees. It also utilises NFT technology by turning every ticket into an exclusive token. 

This means that every ticket will be on the blockchain, timestamped and made to follow implemented rule sets. This will help to ensure ticket validity and make it almost impossible for purchasers to resell tickets at extortionate prices, due to the ability to place price ceilings in rulesets. 

On this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Meike tells Charles Miller that TicketMint is just one of the exciting projects that the company is working on. She hints at further developments within the cybersecurity industry and an initiative called Proof of ESG, which they are working on with a Nobel prize winner. 

Meike is unable to publicly announce who the clients they are working with are due to privacy concerns, but she does say that they are “global companies that everybody knows.” 

In Meike’s role as Chief Commercial Officer, she needs to be well-informed about anything new being developed using blockchain technology. “I go to the conferences; I speak about the potential of blockchain technology and I’m really an advocate especially of the public blockchain technology of BSV.”

She is also a member of the Women of BSV, a group of female influencers sharing knowledge and views about Bitcoin SV. She believes that being part of the Bitcoin community is an essential way to keep abreast of new and innovative products, along with more formal study like courses and certificates, of which she has many. 

Bitcoin is not Meike’s only passion. She is a talented double bass player who has taken part in concerts around the world, performing in front of large audiences. She explains that one of the reasons she wanted to diversify her career is due to concerns over sexism in the music industry, admitting to doubts about whether she will still be accepted as a female musician in her 50s and 60s. 

Charles and Meike even joke about the possibility of combining her passions by starting a BSV orchestra. She says, “I think there are many wonderful musicians in this space, and I think we can start a band, a BSV band.” 

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