StealthEX on Bitcoin SV: A digital currency with solid ideas, users and infrastructure

“We have supported Bitcoin SV right from the start. We knew it was essential to offer our support and service to a digital currency with solid ideas, users and infrastructure.”

This is according to Maria Carola, the CMO at StealthEX digital currency exchange. In a recent chat with CoinGeek, Carola told us about the exchange, why it has been supporting Bitcoin SV and what its users can expect in the coming year.

StealthEX is an instant, non-custodial digital currency exchange that launched in 2018, Carola told CoinGeek.

“We provide a service where everyone can swap their cryptocurrencies easily. We believe the exchange should be understandable, hassle-free, fast, suitable for all the users, no matter what their experience is, and custody-free,” she added.

StealthEX intends to offer fiat-to-digital currency services soon, with Bitcoin SV included. For service providers, the exchange enables you to integrate its API to offer equally fast swaps to all your users and receive revenue share.

Carola said she has experience working in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, “and all this experience has been bliss.” As for the exchange, supporting BSV was a no-brainer. BSV has a proven record of performance, including its scalability, real-time transactions and very low fees. The BSV community has also been the fastest growing, with BSV transactions soaring over BTC and BCH by a mile. The war on Bitcoin has been won, and Bitcoin SV is the undisputed winner.

On the coronavirus pandemic, Carola revealed that StealthEX has been affected, just like every other player in the digital currency industry. However, the industry hasn’t been as hard hit as many others, with some players even noting a steep rise in signups and trading volume this year.

The exchange has big plans for the year 2021.

“We have so many things planned. From working on the backend of the service and making the swap experience better, to major feature releases. The biggest things that the users will see with their own eyes are fiat-to-crypto offer introduction and the widget release. Bitcoin SV will be there for the fiat offers, so make sure to monitor our announcements – of course, we will ping the community.”

Carola is looking forward to the next year as she believes it could be the biggest one yet for the digital currency industry. While regulations will wipe out the so-called Crypto Crime Cartel, legitimate law-abiding businesses will thrive in the coming year. Adoption will be at its highest, with institutional players showing this year that they are ready to get into digital currencies and blockchain technology.

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