Bitcoin Association’s Lise Li shares what’s happening with BSV in China

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) continues to reach new heights, driven by the dedication and efforts of developers and supporters, as well as the continued work by global organizations like nChain and the Bitcoin Association. One region that has seen substantial support for BSV is China, and Bitcoin Association hired a new China Manager, Lise Li, to oversee the efforts in the country in response to that interest. Li was on hand for the recent CoinGeek Conference Seoul event and took a few minutes to talk to CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower about what’s going on in the BSV space in China.

China has almost always seen greater support for blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency, even if the government has been more reserved toward the topics. Li points out that with her background in crypto mining, she has a solid grasp of how adoption continues and explains that the country now has the “most active fields” related to BSV development in the world.

China is also home to 80% of the crypto mining activity seen. Because of the continued support the industry is given through development and mining, an entirely new era of BSV innovation is emerging that is helping to drive its success and make it the only true enterprise-level blockchain option.

Bitcoin Association has been extremely active in helping support developers and users in China, as well as in other countries. Specifically in China, though, Li has been fundamental in helping organize events that bring together blockchain companies and supporters with media, so that those media outlets can spread the word and show how far BSV has come, as well as what’s in store. Check out the highlights of the first Bitcoin SV Roadtrip in China here.

More than just events to highlight what’s happening in the space, Bitcoin Association has also put together events to bring developers together so that they can interact and create a path of innovation that is consistent and cohesive, ensuring that all applications on the blockchain can work in unison.

One of the biggest programs coming from Bitcoin Association is the Technical Standards Committee, which is expected to launch soon. It is designed to offer specific and detailed training that is beneficial to everyone, developers and users alike, and will be the precursor to even more training that is expected to be introduced early next year.

The key to being able to present a solid blockchain solution for enterprises is ensuring that it is capable of being implemented in diverse business situations without the need for a lot of manipulation on the part of the users. As BSV developers continue to hone their efforts based on similar guidance and protocols, the blockchain will be more than capable of fulfilling the mission established by Bitcoin’s whitepaper.

YouTube video

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