Billy Rose, Kurt Wuckert Jr. field audience questions on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 9

Episode 9 of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream hosted by Kurt Wuckert Jr. is live!

In this episode, Kurt is joined by special guest Billy Rose, the co-founder and Chief Meme Officer of Twetch. Episode 9 takes the form of an AMA, where both Kurt and Rose field a number of audience questions about a variety of topics in Bitcoin, and several questions directed at Rose about Twetch, such as the Twetch Hat NFT, the creation of Twetch’s Tendies, the parallels between physical trading cards, the emerging digital collectibles market, where the Twetch Marketplace falls in the mix, and if there is any chance of Twetch becoming the OpenSea or Rarible of Bitcoin SV.

“Look, the first thing I want to say is yes, we want artists to be able to sell their art without any problems or middleman [on Twetch marketplace],” said Rose. 

“[But] we have to be careful, we have to do it slowly, we have to take our time because people are going to take advantage of this thing, people are going to sell all types of stuff that’s against our terms of service, we can’t just have it be a free-for-all.

Right now, the way that we are doing it is, we are accepting applications, and we plan to feature artists and we plan to move forward with it. At some point, there will be a lot of different artists on Twetch [marketplace] and it will not just be art created by Twetch. [So] yes, in the future there will be a marketplace where artists can come to Twetch and create their own tokenized art.”

After tackling the audience questions about Twetch, Tendies, Twetch Eggs, and NFTs, Kurt and Rose bite into BSV’s forbidden fruit: they pull up a BSV chart and analyze Bitcoin’s market action and price. 

Eventually, the two get an audience question asking about the attitude the BSV community has toward Bitcoin SV price discussions.

“Why does BSV have a culture of not being interested in price,” said Richard Waddy.

To which Rose responded, “No! We are interested in price, that’s why we were just looking at the charts, we love it and it’s fun. But it’s a secondary part of what we are doing here. We are trying to build a real economy that can give individuals ownership and the right to choose how to and how not to use their own money, own control, and preserve their own wealth. The primary goal is to build an economy, and the secondary kind of effect of that is price increase, which is obviously fun, the earlier you get in, the more wealth you get to preserve.”

It was good to see Kurt and Rose break taboo by talking about Bitcoin price. Price is important, it’s not a bad thing, it’s not evil, and when real utility and businesses are building on chain—like they are now—in theory, the price of the underlying asset being innovated on should rise—which BSV has done.

Rose signs off after the discussion on price and market action, and Kurt wraps up the livestream by answering a handful of the remaining audience questions.

If you happened to miss the livestream while it happened, head over to the CoinGeek YouTube channel to watch CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 9. And you can check out previous episodes of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream on YouTube.

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