Twetch Egg Airdrop

Twetch’s non-vanishing NFT airdrop

Some NFT enthusiasts have been running into an obstacle, they buy an NFT and it disappears. NFTs are vanishing across some blockchains; this happens when the NFT an individual thinks they are becoming the owner of does not actually ‘live’ on the blockchain. Instead, the creator of the NFT has the blockchain data that relates to the NFT point to an address on the internet where the NFT actually lives. In other words, the NFT lives on somebody’s server, not the blockchain.

Unfortunately, servers and other internet-based content are not immutable. If someone decides that they do not like what is on the server, they can remove it from the server, making it impossible for the content stored within the server to be retrieved from the web–which is why some NFTs are vanishing.

However, if you received the NFT from Twetch’s airdrop on Easter, you will not run into the vanishing NFT problem–Twetch’s easter egg NFT image lives on the blockchain.

“[When the NFT lives on the blockchain rather than exclusively on the web] the user has ownership and full control over their item, and the item lives on regardless of what happens to Twetch,” said Billy Rose, the co-founder of Twetch.

“You can’t have true ownership of a digital item if it can be taken away from you by a centralized issuer.”

Twetch has done what all NFT-blockchain issuers should have been doing in the first place–storing the NFT or digital art being issued directly on the blockchain. The blockchain is immutable, so regardless of what happens to the website that allows you to view your NFT or digital art, you will always be the owner of the NFT at hand, and could create new ways to view the NFT if something did ever happen to the site or wallet where it could originally be viewed.

The Twetch egg

In the spirit of Easter, Twetch airdropped one Twetch egg to each Twetch user that has been active within the last 30 days.
Twetch Egg announcement

Josh Petty, Twetch co-founder and CEO alluded to this NFT airdrop during Kurt Wuckert Jrs.  April Fools Day CoinGeek livestream.

“In the next five days we will see something [launched] that’s fun. Those who are active on Twetch will be rewarded,” said Petty during the livestream.

That ‘something fun’ turned out to be the very first Twetch airdrop to take place, the Twetch Egg.

Twetch Egg

The Twetch Egg can be held, traded, or listed on the Twetch marketplace. At the moment, the Twetch Egg is reselling for a minimum of ~$199.

A pioneer on the NFT frontier

Twetch is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the NFTs; Twetch was the first bitcoin-business to release NFTs that picked up traction (the NFT hat) and had success with its subsequent NFT token releases, such as Tendies and now the Twetch Egg.

So what is next for Twetch? 

“Imagine a world where you can own digital property, start a digital business, and so on. We are building a world where the lines between digital and physical are blurred,” said Rose

And from the looks of it, Twetch is also looking to expand its Twetch Marketplace. Although the marketplace does not currently allow third-party creations to be listed on it, that could be changing soon™.

“We are accepting sample work from artists and actively looking to feature them,” said Rose. “If you are interested in listing an item on Twetch market, you can DM @3 on Twetch.”

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