Kurt Wuckert Jr. with Elon Moist

Elon Moist, not Musk, joins CoinGeek Livestream AMA special

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We said we were giving you Elon Musk—instead, we gave you Elon Moist. 

Elon Moist, better known as Twetch co-founder and CEO Josh Petty (aka CoinYeezy), was the “melt your face” guest on Kurt Wuckert Jr.’s Ask Me Anything special CoinGeek Livestream on April 1.

In the spirit of April Fools Day, Kurt and Petty kept the conversation light-hearted and satirical; however, they also touched on some current events taking place within several businesses that Petty plays a role in, such as Twetch and MatterPool

Petty discussed the launch of Twetch’s Tendie token and what Twetch has in the pipeline.

What are Tendies?

On April 1st, The Twetch team played a pseudo-April fools joke on their audience—Tendie tokens. Early in the morning, Josh Petty announced via his Medium page about a token called “Tendies” which he followed up by calling “the universal money for the internet” and then gave a long satirical explanation of Tendie token and its ability to be redeemed at your local chicken tender vendor.

However, the Tendie token actually launched and hit Twetch user’s wallets just several hours after the announcement was made. 

It is not quite clear what purpose Tendie tokens will have, but contrary to popular belief, they do exist.

Twetch will launch something soon™?

“In the next five days we will see something [launched] that’s fun,” said Petty. “those who are active on Twetch will be rewarded.”

Petty did not say much more on that topic, but he did encourage Twetch users to log on and create a few posts if they have not been on Twetch in a while. It seems as though Twetch will be giving active users some sort of perk for being participants on the Twetch platform. That being said, you may want to log into Twetch over the next few days and get active.

Outside of the upcoming reward for active Twetch users, Petty says that:

“Big picture-wise, [Twetch is looking to] optimize the app, improve the experience, improve the chat [and is looking into], new servers because the hats crashed the website.”

When it came to Tendie tokens, Twetch’s plans for the near future, and Petty telling the audience a little bit about MatterPool, that was pretty much the only time within the 30-minute livestream that Kurt and Elon Moist touched on some very real and serious topics. Outside of that, the two had a lot of fun joking back and forth, and trolling each other about topics of conversation in Bitcoin. 

If you are looking for a good laugh, or to hear the words from the horse’s mouth regarding Twetch’s upcoming launch, then you are going to want to watch Kurt’s special April Fools Day livestream featuring Josh Petty, which you can find on CoinGeeks YouTube channel

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