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AIBC Summit Manila highlights blockchain solutions, AI innovation in the Philippines

SiGMA recently brought together AI, blockchain, and gaming enthusiasts with their AIBC Asia Summit – Manila held at the SMX Convention in Pasay City.

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The two-day summit saw members from various fields gather to discuss the position of Asian countries like the Philippines in leading the world through artificial intelligenceblockchain technology, and gaming

AIBC and SiGMA Conference Producer Olga Yaroshevsky and AIBC World Head of Business Development Neil Ford were happy with the AIBC Asia Summit’s outcome and commended the conversations that took place during the event.

“I’m super happy about what happened on stage over the last two days,” shares Yaroshevsky. The producer was especially ecstatic about the arguments on digital currency adoption and innovation in Asia and globally.

SiGMA is popularly known for hosting online gaming conferences worldwide. During their visit to the Philippines, the world-leading conference host also presented great lineups of gaming exhibitions at the SMX convention.

“Most of us know that our sister company at SiGMA runs online gaming conferences. So we decided that we were going to add AIBC along with it because there is so much overlap from all of the gaming that is here in the Philippines,” says Ford.

“We thought this would be a really good opportunity to introduce the guys who are in gaming to blockchain and cryptocurrency because there’s so much overlap here,” he adds.

Celebrities, influencers, and regulators alike were present to showcase the blockchain adoption in the Southeast Asian country. Among them was professional basketball player Jared Dillinger, who shared his ongoing blockchain project for Ginebra San Miguel fans.

Actress, model and beauty queen Kylie Verzosa was also present during the event to promote the first AI model in Asia, which she says will help the issues of mental health stigma in the country. Meanwhile, Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Kelvin Lester Lee shared his agencies’ insights on blockchain, stating:

“The current composition of the commission is very open to innovation, in particular, among others, blockchain.”

“Now we are aware of its advantages, so we are aware of multiple use cases. We could actually apply within the government, in particular with the SEC. So yes, we are exploring one particular project now,” he said. As for the criteria of blockchain they want in the game, the commissioner says it should be credible, law-compliant, and effective.

In a panel with Commissioner Lee was nChain’s Business Development Lead-Philippines, Stephanie Tower, who shared the essence of working with the government to make the technology more regulatory compliant.

“The very core of the message that I was able to share during those two panels is the importance of working with driving forces such as the government that will make things possible through regulatory frameworks or policies in order to achieve innovation and adoption in the country,” Tower said.

AIBC Summit Manila concluded with a message to champion education as a driving force for the progress of AI and blockchain within the Philippines. This is a powerful testament to the Southeast Asian country’s commitment toward digital transformation.

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