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‘Women of BSV’ Ruth Heasman: BSV is non-authoritarian, BTC an absolute Ponzi

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Women of BSV is a group of female influencers who have come together to impact the digital currency space, predominantly dominated by males. Founded by two women—Diddy Wheldon and Ruth Heasman—the group, covers a wide array of topics within the digital industry, particularly Bitcoin.

Wheldon and Casey Hamilton recently interviewed Ruth Heasman, the co-founder of Women of BSV, about her background, personal journey with Bitcoin, and her thoughts on the future of Bitcoin technology.

Heasman heard about Bitcoin first in 2010 when she was trying to stack gold and silver. Recalling the 2008 financial crisis, she said, the government printed more and more money until it reached the “hockey stick curve point.” The economic system was coming to an end, she said, and Bitcoin made sense to her but she didn’t buy it until 2013 when Mt. Gox came along.

Heasman bought her first Bitcoin for $30, and then bought more at a higher price later. Heasman learned that those exchanges were not safe to keep Bitcoin, so she transferred hers to a wallet. She said she didn’t lose any money, but she knows many who lost money to Mt. Gox.

She had computers in her house growing up and got her first job as a data entry specialist until she went to Leeds University to pursue a degree in Philosophy, where she ran the Philosophy Society. “I left university as the Internet was booming. I often say my first 20 years were anticipating the arrival of the Internet,” Heasman shared with a smile. Fascinated with “what happens inside the computer” and AI, the Internet era broadened her world as she dealt with some health issues affecting her mobility in her teens.

Speaking of BSV, Casey Hamilton, who helps influencers monetize their content on blockchain, pointed out that BSV enables a peaceful exchange of power. In response, Heasman mentioned Dr. Craig Wright’s words that Bitcoin is not anti-banks or meant to replace banks.

“Bitcoin is more like gold and silver that are playing the role of keeping money honest. I don’t think Bitcoin will be the only money available. As Dr. Wright calls it—digital cash; it works if we can send money to each other on a peer-to-peer basis with no third-party interference, and it can’t be inflated and programmed in a way that you lose control. Hopefully, the control stays with the end-user… so regardless of what the governments do, we will be alright,” Heasman said.

“One cannot lose money with BSV—you’d be able to track it down for better or worse. That’s what government sees it as a big threat,” she added.

BTC is an ‘absolute Ponzi’

Heasman referred to BTC as a “bunch of elites” that are not making decisions for the good of humanity. The government is printing billions of dollars, driving at the price of BTC and then the next round of money printing with BTC, so it’s an “absolute Ponzi.”

She thinks most people within the BTC community “know” that Dr. Wright is Satoshi, the inventor of Bitcoin, but the vast majority of people have no idea what Bitcoin is capable of. BSV is presenting exemplary results—microtransactions and 100,000 transactions per second, more than the visa, while some “experts” are still oblivious, Heasman said.

Making a quick mention of Elon Musk, Wheldon said every time he describes what Bitcoin should be, he describes BSV. But, she stated, he would not say it directly. “Maybe he likes to have control; that’s why he launched Dogecoin so he can be the savior of Doge.”

Heasman, whose tweets often make news within the BSV community, mentioned this one: “You can overcome your distaste for Craig S Wright at 100 BSV, 1000 BSV, or 10,000 BSV. It’s up to you.” She explained that the tweet was to convey to people they would be hurting themselves eventually. When they finally get over “it,” they will have to buy it at a much higher price.

She quoted an example of the Internet, expressing that she felt similarly about hyperlinking, etc., realizing then it would change everything. “Bitcoin is the same. I consider myself anti-authoritarian, and BSV resonates with me because it is anti-authoritarian,” Heasman said.

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