The Bitcoin Bridge: ‘Women of BSV’ are breaking boundaries in Bitcoin industry

The Bitcoin Bridge: ‘Women of BSV’ are breaking boundaries in Bitcoin industry

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Meet the women shaking up the Bitcoin SV world; ‘Women of BSV’ is a group of female influencers who have banded together to make an impact in the digital currency space. They are focused on spreading the BSV message and carving out a place for women in a traditionally male-dominated industry. This week, members of the group Diddy Wheldon, River and Ruth Heasman speak to The Bitcoin Bridge about their mission and the obstacles they face.

Diddy explains that the group started when SirToshi created a Twetch channel called ‘Women of BSV.’ She was then approached by Shem Booth-Spain, who encouraged her to get a group of women together to be interviewed on his YouTube channel.

This was back in June 2021 and Diddy is pleased to report that the group has “snowballed” since then. There is now a Twitter group as well with approximately 20 women involved, “all women in the ecosystem and entrepreneurs,” according to Diddy.

They explain that it can be tough working in a male-dominated landscape. Indeed, a report released by eToro Ltd, earlier this year, found that women make up just 15% of digital currency traders, highlighting the disparity between the genders.

Ruth points out that this can feel intimidating for women and is one of the reasons why she wants women to join together and be a source of confidence for each other. She says the group has “amplified our voice massively.”

In this episode, they discuss the importance of community in the BSV enterprise blockchain space. Ruth believes that social media can play an important role as “a launching pad if you are starting a business.” While Diddy finds Twitter to be a useful tool for networking and information gathering, comparing her feed to “a newspaper.”

All three women are also entrepreneurs. River has released her own NFT in tandem with a self-healing community project called Lifehouse Online, Diddy works on video tutorials and Ruth focuses on educational content.

But Ruth explains, her focus right now is to elevate women in the Bitcoin SV space through the group. She believes they can empower women to learn about Bitcoin and earn multiple streams of income, allowing them to “enjoy a flexible lifestyle.”

River agrees saying “the world is not an easy place for a woman who’s not financially independent.” She points to the work of fellow group member Casey Hamilton who offers her services free of cost to single mothers, helping them to find new sources of income.

These inspirational women have several interviews coming up on their YouTube channel and are hoping to start broadcasting a livestream. Watch out world, here come the women of BSV!

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