Women of BSV NFT collections are the best thing about Halloween in 2021

Adding some color, action and humor to Halloween this year are two collections of limited-edition NFTs from the “Women of BSV” team. Available on the RelayX market, the series shows off the graphic design talent of Ruth Heasman and the BSV industry’s famous faces, all in their Halloween best.

All NFT “cards” were released for 0.1 BSV (around US$17) each. The future value of the tokens will likely depend on the popularity of each individual design—or the popularity of the real-life person who appears on it.

The first collection features the Women of BSV themselves, in appropriate costumes for the season. That series includes 99 NFTs for each of the 16 designs. Anyone active on BSV social media will recognize 13 (of course) of BSV’s most recognizable women, two of their children—and a cameo by honorary Woman of Bitcoin, SirToshi. Diddy Wheldon, Rory Zimmerman and Ruth herself have two tokens each.

(Full disclosure for regulators: the author of this article owns one Diddy Wheldon “Wailing Banshee” and a River/Witchywoo. This article is about art and is not investment advice!)

The “bonus set” collection is of some of BSV’s greatest thought leaders and “OGs,” as selected by the WoBSV group. Needless to say, Dr. Craig Wright features heavily in this collection. As well as being suitably Halloween-ish, this collection also has a movie theme. Dr. Wright appears as Doc Brown, Doctor Who, Iron Man, Frodo, a vampire and a samurai (with Steve Shadders at Kinkakuji). Daniel Krawisz manages to appear as both Emperor Palpatine and a deer (this is surely a first), Jack Liu is Jack Skellington, Michael Hudson is Indiana Jones, Kurt Wuckert Jr. is The Incredible Hulk (though the rendering is rumored to be based on his actual body). Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre are both vampires (though only one of them is branded as “sexy”), George Gilder is Gandalf, and HandCash founder Alex Agut is “Duro the Pirate.” Bleeding into November is Zatoshi, still in Guy Fawkes costume and plotting fireworks at the British Parliament.

Looking at RelayX’s NFT market, the Craig Wright/Doc Brown card appears to be the best seller so far. Also popular are River/Witchywoo and Korppi Keeper of the Forest.

CoinGeek asked Ruth Heasman how she came up with the designs, and how much work was involved. She said she was up until 2-3 a.m. for two weeks in a row completing the artwork, and eventually had to draw the line somewhere because “I was trashed,” but “I’ve been having so much fun doing it I don’t want to stop.”

“Mostly I wanted to do recognisable characters who have delivered valuable proof of work in the space, but there are lots more that deserve their own card,” she said.

Ruth added that she has plenty of other ideas for Halloween cards, but with the official date approaching fast, there are other concerns—not to mention the upcoming Christmas season. Those who ended up on the cutting room floor this year may see their faces on next year’s Halloween set.

“I just love Halloween, so it may be this is where my abilities end… we’ll see I guess. I don’t have quite the same love for Christmas, but I’m game to have a crack at it!”

We understand that RelayX’s NFT minting process is simple to use, and its marketplace is currently the most lively for NFT collectibles (those two reasons may be related). Is that why the WoBSV chose to launch there? What was the process like?

“The trouble is most wallets can’t display these rich graphical NFTs yet, so we had to pick a wallet to mint with that lots of people have. Also the interface is maturing fast, and the process of minting is easiest there. It wouldn’t have been such a consideration except that we made so many that it took us all day to mint and set prices for each set!”

Ruth also sees more opportunities for artists in RelayX’s feature set.

“A new feature that was added last week is Royalty payments, meaning you get an ongoing cut from future sales, and that swung it in RelayX’s favour for sure. It’s great for artists to finally be able to get earnings from their work and control the means of distribution. Huge, really!”

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