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Welcome to CoinGeek New York: Jimmy Nguyen invites you to Bitcoin’s biggest event to date

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After a massively successful event in Zurich, Switzerland, CoinGeek Conference is now heading to the Big Apple. CoinGeek New York is set to take place from October 5 to 7, with people set to witness it live, and tens of thousands more virtually. Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of Bitcoin Association, recently shared his welcome message, inviting everyone to the biggest Bitcoin event to date.

Last June 8-10, the world was treated to some of the best panel discussions and presentations on Bitcoin at CoinGeek Zurich. A total of 114 speakers took to the stage in Switzerland, from Dr. Craig Wright to Bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini. With over 100 hours of content, the event attracted over four million views across various international platforms.

And now, CoinGeek Conference is returning to the world’s financial capital. CoinGeek New York will showcase the latest developments on the BSV enterprise blockchain—now the largest public blockchain by transaction volume—from healthcare and outbreak response to supply chain management, global FinTech to gambling and iGaming.

In his welcome message, Jimmy, who heads Switzerland-based Bitcoin Association, called on all Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts to attend the conference, whether live at The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel or virtually.

“You’ll learn how the BSV blockchain is transforming all industries with its massive scalability. BSV can power efficient payments, down to the micro and nano level, and data applications of all types for enterprises, governments and consumers,” he stated.

“After so many years of just hearing about the promise of blockchain technology, it’s time to see some real uses and real value,” Jimmy stated, in line with the theme of the three-day event – “It’s about time.”

Registration for CoinGeek New York is already opened and you can register here to be part of the industry-defining event.


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