Bitcoin Association goes to Switzerland

The Bitcoin Association has officially become a non-profit association (Verein) in Switzerland. This move will prove to be significant in the global expansion of Bitcoin SV; Switzerland is one of the most forward-thinking finance epicenters of the world, and one of the best countries to be in when it comes to blockchain and digital currency.

Bitcoin moves to Switzerland

“As I like to say, it’s time for Bitcoin to grow up and professionalize. For Bitcoin and blockchain technology to fulfil its immense potential, the industry around it must also mature – that means building the necessary business infrastructure, technical ecosystem, and regulatory regimes – as those elements are just as important as technology that both underpins and operates on top of the Bitcoin protocol,” said Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the Bitcoin Association. 

“Bitcoin Association’s move to Switzerland – a global financial capital renowned for its innovation in the digital sphere – is a sign of our commitment to realizing this vision for Bitcoin and to fulfilling the Satoshi Vision. This move represents not only a major milestone for our organization, but a significant step in our journey to lead the Bitcoin industry into a brighter and more professional future with Bitcoin SV.”

Setting up shop in Switzerland will have a positive impact that is sure to be felt across the Bitcoin ecosystem. Under the Bitcoin Associations’ previous structure, the organization quickly grew to 1,500 members in over 65 countries. Under its new structure, you can expect even more participation and worldwide growth; as a non-profit association, the Bitcoin Association will be transitioning to a new membership structure, with voting members, non-voting members, and affiliates. 

A big year for Bitcoin

2020 is a big year for Bitcoin, and it is already off to a roaring start; from the CoinGeek London conference in February, to the Bitcoin halving, what Bitcoin does in 2020 will set the stage for many years to come. That being said, the Bitcoin Association has made it a mission of theirs to take Bitcoin to new levels this year.

The association is doing work to support Bitcoins technical infrastructure, setting industry standards via a new Technical Standards Committee, hosting and sponsoring Bitcoin SV business conferences, programs, and events around the world, launching a developer training curriculum, Developer Conferences (“BSV DevCons”), and workshops; conducting global media work in multiple languages, and doing policy work with government bodies to encourage responsible usage of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for BSV community members like you and me to get involved too: The Bitcoin Association is welcoming anyone, regardless of whether they build Bitcoin businesses, do software development, or even support other blockchains or digital currency projects, to become a member of the Bitcoin Associate and help create the future of blockchain and digital assets. 

We encourage you to visit to learn more about the Bitcoin Association’s new membership structure and to become a member.

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