Watch now: BSV Stories Back My Business Dream debuts on YouTube

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The second episode of the BSV Stories, titled Back My Business Dream, is now available on YouTube. The documentary is the latest addition to CoinGeek’s BSV Stories collection.

In this episode, the CoinGeek team follows three Bitcoin projects—Memento, Mannabase, and MyMovies—as they pitch to the top investors in Bitcoin as well as compete for funding and the chance to present their project on stage at the February 2020 CoinGeek Conference in London.

A look behind the scenes

The Pitch Day London documentary gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the BSV Venture Pitch Day event, organized by the Bitcoin Association. It shows each company’s journey, the problems they faced along the way, and the hard questions they had to answer about their projects. 

CoinGeek producer Charles Miller says: “We wanted to show what it’s like to present your idea in front of a room of potential investors, who are experienced enough to spot the weak points in any pitch. All the teams we follow coped well with the pressure. If you’ve seen Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank on television, you’ll know what they had to go through. But unlike on TV, the investors kept their cards close to their chest after the presentations. They went away to study the documents and contact the entrepreneurs they’re interested in privately, instead of having to make decisions on the spot. But we were lucky that one of the teams we followed got an instant result—an invitation to pitch to the big CoinGeek Conference in London the following day.”

If you are interested in participating in a Venture Pitch Day event in the future or even upcoming and ongoing BSV hackathons, then you are going to want to watch BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream documentary.

The documentary gives you an inside look at what three companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem experienced first-hand, and will give you a good idea regarding what may be an element of success or a point of failure/red flag in a Bitcoin project. Only one of the three companies followed in the documentary earned the opportunity to present on stage at CoinGeek London—so you will want to be mindful of why that company got the attention of Bitcoin’s top investors.

The companies involved

The documentary follows Memento, an app that allows users to generate income from sharing their creative content; Mannabase, a company looking to offer Universal Basic Income via the Bitcoin blockchain; and MyMovie, a complete movie studio/fan micro-payment ecosystem that brings fans and investors into the movie-making process.

Throughout the documentary, you learn each company’s value proposition, how much capital they are looking to raise, how much they believe their businesses are worth, and where the investors think the pitched projects may come up short.

More BSV Venture Pitch Days in the pipeline

The CoinGeek London Pitch Day was the second BSV Venture Pitch Day event that has taken place in the Bitcoin ecosystem—the first Pitch Day took place at the CoinGeek Seoul conference. Each Bitcoin Pitch Day event has seen an increased number of applications, with CoinGeek London having nearly double the number of participants as the CoinGeek Seoul event. 

Watch the documentary, BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream, here.

YouTube video

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