Bitcoin Association 2020 Bitcoin SV Hackathon set to dole out $100K USD

You can now register for the Bitcoin Association’s 2020 Bitcoin SV Virtual Hackathon. It’s free to enter, will run for eight weeks, has a prize pool of $100,000, and gives successful participants the chance to receive funds from investors.

The details

Registration for the Bitcoin Association 2020 Bitcoin SV Virtual Hackathon, co-hosted by nChain and sponsored by CoinGeek, begins today (May 26) and will end on August 18. Registered participants can submit their projects from June 23 to August 18. The virtual hackathon—aka the coding round—will run for eight weeks until the finale at the CoinGeek Conference in New York in October.

A team can consist of between 1-5 people, and each team’s complete entry must be submitted on August 18, 2020, by noon (GMT+1). A complete entry consists of the project’s code or links to a repository, as well as supporting documentation for the project, which may include photographs of whiteboards, diagrams, written notes, or other materials.

“Our BSV Hackathon series is one of the headline initiatives for Bitcoin Association’s developer program, inspiring developers to build creative applications that leverage the microtransaction and data capabilities of the BSV blockchain. The main competition phase for our BSV Hackathons have always been conducted virtually; this time, the virtual competition period will stretch over two months rather than just one weekend,” Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen told CoinGeek, noting that, “This longer competition period allows entrants to take advantage of their extended time at home during current COVID-19 self-isolation periods and build a more complete project. Three finalists will be chosen to present their projects—either in-person or virtually—final judging at the CoinGeek New York conference in October 2020.”

The spoils of war

The Hackathon has a $100,000 prize pool that will be paid out to the top three teams in BSV. The first place team will receive $50,000 in BSV, while the second placer will get $30,000 in BSV, and the third place team will get $20,000 in BSV. In addition to prize money, participants will have the opportunity to receive investment from venture capital firms and investors that are interested in their projects.

One representative from each of the final three teams will be flown to New York to pitch their Hackathon submission on stage at the CoinGeek New York conference. A panel of judges and the live audience will select the winner.

Moving the industry forward

The Bitcoin Association hackathon is the perfect opportunity for new developers to be onboarded to the Bitcoin ecosystem, new Bitcoin projects to advance and enter their beta stage, and will provide the opportunity for all participants to innovate on Bitcoin.

“I encourage all developers interested in building blockchain applications, whether or not they have experience developing on BSV, to register and take part in the Hackathon. You can compete individually or as part of a team and participate from anywhere in the world. It’s a great entry-ramp to the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, with expert facilitators from nChain and even fellow competitors available to provide guidance throughout the virtual competition period, not to mention a $100,000 prize pool up for grabs. Come build with us and see why Bitcoin SV is the global enterprise blockchain of the future,” Nguyen said.

Register here to join the Bitcoin Association 2020 Bitcoin SV Virtual Hackathon.

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