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The BCH Boys, the self-described “Bitcoin SV Evangelists” and educators on all things blockchain and Bitcoin SV, had a busy time at CoinGeek Week last November 28 to 30, holding 13 interviews with leading industry players who were at the conference.

This YouTube playlist collects all the BCH Boys CoinGeek Week interviews for your convenience.

The month of November was a big one for Bitcoin, and gave the BCH Boys and their guests much to talk about.

Hear from the various entrepreneurs implementing Bitcoin SV in all sorts of useful products hitting the market, from wallets such as Handcash and Centbee, to crypto-paid beer from the UK’s Brewdog.

While the guests all share a passion for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, they have a wide range of ideas of what sound money means, and how mass adoption will occur. The variety of opinions on the November 15 hard fork should give a wider understanding and appreciation of what took place, and what is at stake.

Among the guests was nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright, who presented his thorough understanding of Bitcoin, and what it takes to be a universally used distributed ledger, which largely has to do with going back to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper. In a second interview, Wright shares with the BCH Boys the newly-announced Metanet he is developing to be a replacement for the Internet itself, built to run on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Another guest was Money Button’s Ryan X. Charles, who appears in two interviews. Among other things, Charles looks back at the cryptocurrency market in 2017, which he characterizes as largely speculative and inherently unsustainable. He also looks to the future, at what could be expected of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

To go through all the interviews yourself, check out the BCH Boys’ YouTube playlist.

Apart from their YouTube channel, the BCH Boys also offer their latest content on Keyport TV, where creators receive micropayments in Bitcoin SV for content they provide.

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