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Centbee wallet sends Bitcoin BCH to phone contacts ‘in just a few taps’

Sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your family and friends is now “just a few taps” away, with the launch of Centbee’s Bitcoin BCH wallet app.

On Tuesday, the South Africa-based Bitcoin wallet provider rolled out the beta release of its Bitcoin BCH wallet, allowing users to send Bitcoin BCH to anyone from their phone’s contact list.

Lorien Gamaroff, co-CEO of Centbee, said the app’s key focus is to make sending Bitcoin BCH “as simple as possible.”

Centbee wallet sends Bitcoin BCH to phone contacts ‘in just a few taps’

“In just a few taps, users can send Bitcoin Cash to anyone, anywhere at the lowest possible cost,” Gamaroff said. “Bitcoin Cash will be adopted globally as the best way to pay, especially in Africa and other developing markets.”

The app has been in alpha testing since June. At the time, Testnet coins were provided as demo money so users can try out how the app works without using real money. With the beta launch, Centbee users can now transact using real Bitcoin BCH.

“We incorporated much of the feedback from user testing into the beta version of our wallet and are extremely confident of the final product. Centbee wallet is the easiest way to send money and consumers will immediately see the benefits of this fast, cheap and easy way to pay,” Centbee co-CEO Angus Brown said in a statement. “Cryptocurrency as a form of payment costs a fraction of what users would pay using their bank accounts, especially for cross-border payments. This is the future of money.”

Centbee was founded in 2016 by Gamaroff, an expert in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, and Brown, who has 20 years of experience in payments and banking. With its promise of delivering a game-changing ecosystem replacement, Centbee has attracted high-profile investors from the blockchain field, including blockchain research and development firm nChain Group, which has taken an equity stake in the South African company through its investment entity nChain Reaction Ltd.

The Centbee wallet is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

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