ViaBTC embraces Bitcoin SV, adding it as default option in their wallet

ViaBTC embraces Bitcoin SV, adding it as default option in their wallet

Another digital currency wallet has realized they can’t stand up to an increasing tide of Bitcoin SV (BSV) demand. ViaBTC, the crypto mining pool, has made BSV a default currency in their mobile wallet.

The mining pool operator quietly made BSV one of their default options recently, but the option was discovered and publicized by Twitter user @cryptorebel_SV.

The wallet is simple to use and a great way to introduce newcomers to the BSV community. It doesn’t fully embrace all of the features of BSV just yet though; cryptorebel later noted that it lacks Paymail support at the moment, and only allows one address per user.

While ViaBTC did not get on board with BSV when it was first reborn as the original vision of Bitcoin in November 2018, they started showing public support for it in June 2019, launching a BSV mining pool with fee discounts. They later broadened that support by offering one-lick mining pool switches for BSV, and their own BSV blockchain explorer.

This marks the second major cryptocurrency player to expand their BSV support in less than a week. On November 14, Huobi Global announced a new BSV/HUSD trading pair, making BSV available for all of their customers to purchase.

Having recently celebrated its Bitcoin Independence Day, BSV is continuing to increase in demand, largely thanks to its proven value through utility. Through massive scaling, it has proven that the Bitcoin blockchain can be the data ledger of the world and the backbone of incredible new applications.

Thanks to this increasing demand, several exchanges that delisted BSV in an attempt to curry favor with a mob of BTC advocates may have to go back on their decision. If they do decide to relist the token, they may want to do so quickly, as regulatory pressure may force exchanges like Binance to put an end to much of the trading they currently have, which reports have shown serves as a cover for criminality.

 ViaBTC’s embrace of BSV marks another great step forward to February 2020, when BSV will restore the original protocol with its Genesis update, and when CoinGeek will celebrate the return of the original Bitcoin at the CoinGeek London conference.

Much like the conferences that have come before it, CoinGeek London will be a celebration of all things Bitcoin, and an exploration of what comes next. Pre-registration is open now, so take a few minutes to sign up and guarantee you get all the latest news on the next big conference in the Bitcoin world.

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