Happy Bitcoin Independence Day

It may be the one-year anniversary of the ticker symbol BSV, but November 15 is also the official Bitcoin Independence Day holiday. BSV is the only cryptocurrency that follows the original protocols set forth in the Bitcoin white paper and, without exception, has shown that everything Satoshi Nakamoto explained in that important document is not only possible, but realistic. From large blocks to on-chain scaling with no limits, BSV has already proven how easy it is to create a truly legitimate blockchain that has real-world, tangible solutions and which makes crypto adoption that much more pleasant and viable.

In the past year, according to Coin.Dance, BSV has consistently seen more on-chain transactions than BTC, as well as larger blocks. With fees that are pennies on the dollar, and substantially less than those associated with BTC and other blockchains, it is able to succeed while others just merely drudge along.

BSV has the ability to handle close to 1,000 transactions a second and this number will increase exponentially with the Genesis upgrade scheduled for next February. It is within striking distance of being able to compete with credit card transaction platforms and after the Genesis upgrade in February 2020 will be in a better position to handle robust enterprise applications unlike any other blockchain.

That strength and versatility are why companies such as Drive Markets in Canada is building a payments network on BSV, and why Kronoverse, an online game company out of the US, is building its game battle data recording solution on the blockchain. It’s also why the Bitcoin ecosystem is seeing new video streaming platforms, such as Streamanity, and social media alternatives like Twetch and Weiblock thriving. Add in the myriad of other solutions being built on BSV, such as WeatherSV, UptimeSV and smart contract solution sCrypt, and it becomes instantly obvious how much more powerful the BSV blockchain is to commercial efforts right now—not 10 years from now.

There’s another reason why BSV has been able to flourish while BTC becomes stagnant and Ethereum becomes obsolete. It, like the original Bitcoin, is designed to work WITH government regulations, not AGAINST them. Since everyone should know by now that governments will always maintain control, there’s little point in trying to fight the system. BSV is regulation-friendly and gives consumers and enterprises a transparent blockchain solution that is usable and ready for integration, without having to worry about possible regulatory backlash.

Happy Bitcoin Independence Day to everyone in the BSV ecosystem!

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