Huobi Global announces Bitcoin SV and HUSD trading pair

Demand for Bitcoin SV (BSV), due to the many proven uses it’s already shown, continues to increase, forcing the market to provide more ways to supply Bitcoin to keep customers happy. These market forces have been proven right again as Huobi Global has announced they have begun offering a BSV trading pair.

Huobi broke the news on November 14 via the HUSD Twitter account, announcing a BSV/HUSD pair and providing their customers more information about Bitcoin’s history:

On Huobi Global’s announcement page, it stated that:

In order to meet the trading demand of Huobi users, Huobi Global will launch BSV/HUSD Spot Trading at 16:00 on November 14, 2019 (GMT+8).

The Singapore based exchange with accumulative turnover and revenue at approximately $666 million per 24 hours, ranking among the top exchanges in the world, represents exactly the type of professional business BSV’s developers like to see. They maintain compliance teams around the world, and importantly, in well regulated markets like Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, amongst others. Their willingness to comply with local laws and regulations signals that they are making their best effort to grow a legal Bitcoin ecosystem, and that’s one of the central goals of BSV.

The exchange also offers world class security, which for BSV consumers, indicates that they can use the exchange with the confidence in knowing they won’t suddenly lose their funds to a hacking incident. 

This isn’t Huobi’s first venture into BSV. In August, they announced they would begin offering BSV contracts on its derivatives platform. That allowed users to speculate on the price of BSV, but now they can buy the real deal with HUSD.

But what is HUSD? Advertised as the safest and most compliant stablecoin, the USD backed token is issued by Stable Universal and subject to U.S. bank-level regulation. That makes it not only very safe to trade in and buy BSV with, but it also provides transparency and confidence that it won’t be used inappropriately.

This is great news as we come up on the first year of BSV, and Huobi knows it.

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