Vaionex Corporation and CENTI join forces to build next generation BSV wallet architecture supporting STAS token technology

This post originally appeared on the CENTI website and we republished with permission from Bernhard Müller.

Centi is partnering with Vaionex Corporation to build the next generation wallet for Bitcoin SV and STAS Tokens, which are setup to become on Bitcoin SV what the ERC standard tokens are on Ethereum. Also read the recent announcement about CENTI licensing the groundbreaking STAS technology here.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) infrastructure providers are developing a digital currency that is stable and beneficial to use in the long term. For this to happen, Bitcoin SV needs to be secure, stable, scalable and compliance compatible.

These features have always been the goal of Bitcoin SV which wants to stay true to the original vision for Bitcoin by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto from back in 2009 which included scale and global adoption.

Bitcoin SV is a peer to peer payment system that delivers permanent transactions among two participants. The transaction is carried out on two softwares that connect and exchange a transaction peer to peer. This allows users to trade and pay for products and services seamlessly with Bitcoin SV.

Investors are more committed than ever to Bitcoin SV, impressed with the talent and creativity of its developers alongside user experience designers, marketing experts, business integrators, database experts, and many other professionals who have dedicated themselves to enhancing the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. Overall, there is a palpable excitement in the direction that Bitcoin SV is taking and how accessible it can become to everyone in the very near future. This is exemplified by the high number and variety of companies—both established and startup—building on Bitcoin SV in 2021. Recent Tweets by Elon Musk have exemplified how important it is to ensure that cryptocurrency can be used at scale for low cost.

At the forefront of these evolution and groundbreaking innovations in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem is the Vaionex Corporation. Vaionex was founded by an entrepreneur and PhD student of the University of Cambridge, Robin Köhze, who also founded the associated Cambridge Metanet Society. This leading student organization is supported by Bitcoin Association, a global organization that advances business and the development of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

The forward-thinking startup is focusing on solutions at the junction of blockchain technology and data science, with the goal of building an integrated blockchain infrastructure and development ecosystem.

Every platform created by Vaionex interacts directly with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, as it is the only public blockchain capable of accommodating enterprise-grade applications due to its virtually unlimited transaction throughput capacity.

Releasing five different blockchain-based platforms in their maiden year, the company is taking full advantage of the very bright prospects of Bitcoin SV’s functionalities, including using it as a tool to build software that seamlessly interacts with this blockchain.

Indeed, the potential impact and feasibility of Bitcoin SV as an integral part of business, finance, and daily life cannot be overstated.

The vision of Vaionex to make Bitcoin SV technology work for everyone is best matched with the goal of innovative payments company CENTI.

CENTI, founded in March 2020 by a team of Swiss and European experts and professionals. The goal of CENTI is to further improve payment services systems and to empower users with more flexibility, value for money, and greater efficiency.

As an innovative money services provider, CENTI offers seamless integration with online, POS, and cashier payment systems. Further it offers a micropayments integration, which enables users to purchase specific content on demand instead of signing up for premium subscriptions in various publications to access paid content. A solution for events is also under development.

“The Vaionex Corporation clearly shares our vision to use substantiated satoshis (STAS) to represent means of payment and digital items on the blockchain,” Bernhard Müller, General Manager of CENTI, states.

TAAL’s STAS tokens stands for Substantiated Tokens from Actualized Satoshis, which is also a tribute to Bitcoin’s forefather—Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a method by which a user can convert generic unsubstantiated Bitcoin, or sats, and turn them into a “minted” token with a legal issuance contract. STAS is a smart contract which uses the Bitcoin native scripting language.

CENTI is in full confidence that utilizing the Bitcoin SV blockchain and STAS technology will allow its users and partner merchants to take full advantage of the most innovative payments system. Merchants will not be charged with exorbitant periodic charges and out of this world transaction fees. Designed to seamlessly accept Bitcoin SV as well as using Bitcoin SV as rails for other payments, CENTI promises to be a definitive and integrated payments solution such that paying is inherently the same experience as paying in cash 2.0. It encourages more businesses and potential partners to explore another source of revenue—one that is derived from Bitcoin SV transactions, thus giving these companies more flexibility in terms of earning revenue and growth. CENTI’s micropayments feature is being made possible by Bitcoin SV.

Hence, the team behind CENTI is proud to be partnering with an equally innovative company that can support the increasing demands of the Bitcoin SV blockchain and to sustain the advances gained and the advantages of the technology behind this digital ecosystem. With Vaionex being a highly efficient group tasked to make cutting-edge technology work for every user, and with CENTI redefining the meaning and experience behind payment systems and premium content, this synergy and collaboration promises to be thoroughly groundbreaking and extremely beneficial.

CENTI and Vaionex are unveiling a wallet that will give users the definitive experience on payments, media content, and events. We thrive for high compatibility with all the current Bitcoin SV ecosystem standards which we will extensively use and enhance in order to provide best in class user experience and business integrations.

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