Steve Shadders on his belief in Dr. Craig Wright as Satoshi

Steve Shadders on his belief in Dr. Craig Wright as Satoshi

Dr. Craig Wright has already told the world several times, and in several ways, that he is the creator of Bitcoin and the man behind Satoshi Nakamoto, but skeptics demand to see more proof. Steve Shadders, nChain’s chief technology officer, has had the opportunity to see more proof than most, and took to to talk about his feelings on the matter in his post, “On the Satoshiness of Dr Craig S Wright.”

In a beautifully written piece, Shadders notes that he chose to work with Dr. Wright without knowing the truth of if he really was Satoshi. He admired the man for who he is now, and the lessons he could share.

At this point, Shadders has come to accept that Dr. Wright was indeed Satoshi. Dr. Wright didn’t have to show him indisputable proof for that to be his conclusions, although it was offered on multiple occasions. He could probably ask at any time, and because they are friends, Dr. Wright would show him whatever proof he asked for.

He accepts the fact that Wright is Satoshi because of the immense knowledge and vision he shows for Bitcoin. The sacrifices he’s made, and the work he’s put into creating Bitcoin, are evident even on a cursory examination of his story.

Shadders reasons for not demanding to see proof are simple, but profound. The myth of Satoshi might have inspired the public to embrace Bitcoin, but the reality of who Dr. Craig Wright is, then and now, is even more impressive. Shadders concludes:

“Craig Wright has sacrificed so much more than a mere indulgence to bring Bitcoin to the world and I can never hope to match that. But I can at least give him my trust. It is the very very least I can do.”

As noted above, the entire piece is a touching testimony for why Shadders puts his faith in Wright. We really recommend you go over and read it in full to understand why, in Shadders eyes, Craig Wright has become a more important force for Bitcoin than Satoshi ever war.

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