Steve Shadders on giving Bitcoin SV ‘a more complete toolset’

This past February, a group of Bitcoin SV (BSV) developers got together at the Bitcoin Association’s wallet workshop in order to do what every blockchain should be doing—helping to create standardization. The workshop was hosted by nChain and on hand was the company’s renowned technical leader, Steve Shadders. Shadders took a few minutes to talk to CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero in an interview that has been made available on YouTube.

As has been seen on more than one occasion, the entire Bitcoin ecosystem isn’t always willing to come together and develop solutions that are better for the entire community. This has already led to several issues, but BSV developers are proactively working to overcome this obstacle to global growth. The workshop was designed with that in mind, giving developers an opportunity to discuss crypto wallets, their development requirements and where innovation is going. The ultimate goal is to allow for standardization in order to help the industry evolve systematically and pragmatically.

Shadders points out that the workshop was meant to help “clear the air” on some of the finer points of wallet development. It also gave the development community an opportunity to discuss what they were working on, what was being done well and what needed to be improved. It was designed to “give the Bitcoin SV ecosystem a more complete toolset.”

In attendance were a number of expert developers and key figures, including Ryan X. Charles from Money Button, as well as representatives from other BSV wallets such as Centbee and HandCash. Also present was nChain’s chief scientist and the man who has been most commonly linked to Satoshi Nakamoto, Dr. Craig Wright.

As long as crypto projects allow developers to go off on their own paths, those platforms are going to have difficulty being perceived as legitimate options. Developers on the BSV blockchain are determined to ensure the most robust, yet versatile and standardized solution for future innovation and business adoption.

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Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (SegWit) chain are referenced as SegWitCoin BTC coins; tokens on the Bitcoin Cash ABC chain are referenced as BCH, BCH-ABC or BAB coins. Altcoins, which value privacy, anonymity, and distance from government intervention, are referenced as dark coins.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is today the only Bitcoin project that follows the original Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper, and that follows the original Satoshi protocol and design. BSV is the only public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin and will massively scale to become the world’s new money and enterprise blockchain.