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Smart Communications teams up with BlockchainSpace to ignite Web 3.0 in the Philippines

“Web3 is here” is not just the official hashtag but also the main statement at the BlockchainSpace x Smart Press Conference in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Press from various local media corporations like ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, and Business World convened to hear what the partnership announcement between BlockchainSpace and Smart is all about.

Bea Lim, managing director of Team Asia, opened the conference who introduced the event’s program as well as the keynote speakers that will be speaking during the press conference.

Philippines’ road to a Web3-enabled future

Lim’s introduction was followed with a special message from Emmy Lou Versoza-Delfin, Director of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)—welcoming the movers and shakers of the blockchain space present during the event.

“Maybe some of you are asking why is DICT here in this particular press conference?” Versoza-Delfin asked. “I’d like to say that aside from us providing digital connectivity, one of our major mandates with DICT is ICT industry developments.”

welcoming remarks by DICT Director Emmy Lou Versoza Delfin
DICT Director Emmy Lou Versoza-Delfin welcomes the attendees of BlockchainSpace x Smart Press Conference

The DICT director went on to explain what the department is currently working on and how they perceive blockchain adoption in the country. “On behalf of DICT, right now, we stand up to date of an exciting new era. And I’m honored to welcome the innovative partnership between BlockchainSpace and Smart Communications to forward-thinking organizations that have come together to explore the transformative potential and the possibilities of the next generation of the internet Web 3.0.”

Peter Ing, CEO of BlockchainSpace, begins with an intro into how he started with the Web3 solutions BlockchainSpace in 2018 and how they grew a lot back then. He further explained that their collaboration with Smart marks the growth of Web3 in the Southeast Asian Country.

“The [Philippines’] market has matured. There’s a lot of people working in the space and enough capital and enough funding in this space to actually make the Philippines the hub for crypto adoption,” he said.

Ing revealed the verticals of their partnership with Smart that aims to empower content creators with their trademark community programs: Guild Partner Program and Creators Circle. More statements from Lloyd Manaloto, First Vice President for Prepaid and Content at Smart, and Aspen Sañez, Global Head of Marketing at BlockchainSpace, heeded Ing’s executive message.

Peter Ing executive keynote speech
Peter Ing during his executive keynote speech at BlockchainSpace x Smart Press Conference

Web3 is here, and it’s for all

The press conference heated up with a 20-minute question and answer portion from the live media as well as those tuning in via live stream—Ing, Manaloto, and Sañez were joined by Smart’s Assistant Vice President for Content Business Development, Dexter Chan.

How did the partnership with Smart and BlockchainSpace come to fruition?

Ing straightforwardly answered this by saying they chose Smart because of the telco communications firm’s effort to lead technological innovation in the country.

What is Creative Circleits perks and why creators should join it?

Sañez answered this one, stating that Creators Circle’s goal is to interact with the content creators in the Philippines, learn from their insights, and work together with them.

“[Creator Circle is] creator-focused and creator community focused and then connecting all of those together,” Sañez remarked. The Creator Circle is currently in closed beta but will soon launch in tandem with Smart.

How would Smart solve the challenge of growing demand as Web3 adoption increases with possible VR, AR, and blockchain applications going mainstream?

Manaloto says that Smart is continuously looking at more network technologies and are partnering with giant firms like PLDT Group in rolling out the fastest fiber network in the Philippines. Sanez adds that the commitment of Smart is to connect everyone, and together with BlockchainSpace, they will be bringing Web3 to the country.

Speakers discussing on stage
In Picture: Bea Lim, Dexter Chan, Peter Ing, Lloyd Manaoloto, and Aspen Sañez

How will Smart and other Telcos reshape their business models to realize the value of internet upgrading from Web2 to Web3?

From a structure parameter, Manaloto says that they are adapting to the changes, and the first step is through partnerships, and the next is to evolve.

What would this partnership entail in the future of Web3 and blockchain in the Philippines?

“It’s exciting because what this means is that we finally found a partner that shares the same vision with us in bringing Web3 to many people as possible,” Sañez said. “It allows for us to focus on growing the programs that we’ve already initiated. It allows for us to have the scale that is necessary to justify creating more new programs together.”

Do you see companies and government agencies becoming more open when it comes to utilizing blockchain technology?

Ing said that the DICT effort is proof. And it’s going beyond the usual saying that the technology is here to stay, but the conversations are already about how to use it and educate the public.

Group photo of speakers
Group photo with DICT’s Carlos Albornoz

What do you hope to achieve in the Web3 space?

Chan states that the commitment of Smart has always been connecting the people, and what they wanted to achieve is to bring Web3 to every Filipino.

The press conference ended with a note from the panelist agreeing that the partnership between BlockchainSpace and Smart will be a start to educating Filipinos about Web3 and bringing the technology closer to everyone.

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