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DICT’s Jocelle Batapa talks to CoinGeek Backstage on sparking blockchain adoption beyond Manila

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While the Philippines has established itself as a global blockchain pioneer, most of the adoption has centered on Metro Manila. The country’s government is working to push this adoption into the other regions, and as Jocelle Batapa-Sigue revealed, Bataan is one key region where adoption is surging.

Batapa is an Undersecretary at the Department of Information & Communications Technology (DICT), and in her position, she pushes for the adoption of emerging technology. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage host Claire Celdran on the sidelines of the Global Blockchain Summit in the city of Balanga in Bataan, she revealed that blockchain is one key technology that she believes could change the fortune of millions of Filipinos.

“My goal is to ensure that we leverage digital solutions and emerging technologies to create jobs and investment opportunities for the Philippines, especially for the countryside. The direction is to bring this advocacies and digital awareness about emerging technologies outside Metro Manila,” she stated.

Batapa believes that the province of Bataan is a perfect place to start the initiative. For one, Governor Jose Enrique Garcia has been quite supportive of initiatives that seek to digitalize the province, blockchain included.

One of the key developments in the province is Bataanverse which, according to Batapa, symbolizes “a province that wishes to bring its people to a future where digital technologies are able to help bring food to the table and jobs to every resident.”

Batapa acknowledged that there are challenges that lie ahead. One of these is the digital divide which stems from “the seeming lack of an innovation mindset.”

However, she believes the Philippines can emerge as a global blockchain hub despite these challenges.

“I see the convergence of different companies doing different work around this technology…I see a Philippines that will become a name in the blockchain industry as a leader in this technology.”

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