Gabby Dizon, Nuseir Yassin, and Nas at Philippine Web3 Festival

Philippine Web3 Festival: ‘We’re the world leaders in Web3’

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The Philippines has become the global hub for all things Web3, with the Southeast Asian nation proving that this new iteration of the internet can be transformative. At the Philippine Web3 Festival, various leaders of blockchain, metaverse, and digital asset companies convened to discuss what the future holds for Web3, and their message was clear—Web 3.0 will transform the Philippines.

“For the first time, the Philippines has solidified itself as a hotbed for Web3 adoption in the world,” Peter Ing, the CEO of BlockchainSpace, stated during the event’s press conference. Ing’s company helps guilds and traditional companies venture into Web3.

The Festival gave the country an opportunity “to bring in the rest of the world and show everyone the power of Web3,” added Gabby Dizon, the cofounder of Yield Guild Games. Dizon, a gaming industry veteran and a firm believer that the future of work is in the virtual world, brings players together to earn via blockchain-based games.

“We see a future where your opportunities are not bound to where you live,” he added.

In the press conference held at the SEDA Hotel, some of the speakers at the event delved into what Web3 will mean for the Philippines.

For Nas Company founder & CEO Nuseir Yassin, Web3 is all about availing opportunities to everyone, regardless of where they live.

“What I love about it is that someone in Cebu can become successful without having to come to Manila. Someone in the Philippines can become successful without having to immigrate to Singapore. The first version of the internet didn’t allow us to do that, but the third version is finally allowing us this freedom,” Yassin told the members of the press.

The leaders also talked about the metaverse, and according to Dizon, it’s “virtual economies that people can participate in that have actual value,” he stated in response to a question from CoinGeek’s Ace Chavez.

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