Unbounded Enterprise Launches Partnership with Built By Gamers

Unbounded Enterprise launches partnership with Built By Gamers

At CoinGeek this past week, Unbounded Enterprise’s CEO Jackson Laskey and Built By Gamer’s (BBG) Strategic Advisor Taylor Searle shared the stage in a panel titled “Online Games: Next Level on the BSV Blockchain”. The two companies will continue to work together in varying capacities moving forward, with Unbounded Enterprise providing technology to help enhance and gamify the fan experience for BBG’s audience of over 10 million gamers, and BBG directing this large and growing audience towards Unbounded Enterprise products such as NFTY Jigs, and Duro Dogs. Unbounded Enterprise will be launching NFTY Jigs, a digital goods platform that will revolutionize blockchain gaming, and Duro Dogs, the first game on the NFTY Jigs platform, this Fall.

Founding Partners Jackson Laskey and Dave Mullen-Muhr along with the Unbounded Enterprise team have decades of combined experience in the blockchain and micropayments space and believe that gaming is the best place to start driving adoption. “We’re creating NFTs which are not just for speculation, they’re for commercial use,” Laskey said. “With NFTY Jigs and with the power of micropayments, being able to mint NFTs as low as a tenth of a cent, we’re able to commercialize not just a character in a game, but the digital goods which compose it. This opens an ocean of possibilities
for us. What it allows us to do is connect three sets of actors within the NFTY Jigs ecosystem in extremely unique ways: gamers, game developers, and digital asset creators. These relationships are made possible by using micropayments only feasible on blockchain.”

Micropayments, which include payments as little as a tenth of a cent, are not possible in the current payment infrastructure. On average, Square processing fees are 2.9% + $0.30. Certain blockchains with transaction fees smaller than a tenth of a cent allow for micropayments to make economical sense on a global scale.

Gaming is a massive space, with over 3.5 billion people participating globally. The revenue from gaming exceeds those from sports and film combined. Recently, gaming has become a place for culture. Earlier this year, in April, 28 million viewers attended a concert within a video game. Many aspects of daily life have become gamified, from filling up rings for an activity score on an Apple Watch to watching sports without a care for who wins the actual game because of a fantasy sports league to lots in between.

Built By Gamers is a premiere esports organization which launched in 2019 and has already grown to reach an audience of 10 million. In addition to reaching a large audience, there will be opportunities for BBG to contribute to the NFTY Jigs ecosystem. BBG is currently developing a micropayment-based game for Haste Arcade, and there will be opportunities to build in the NFTY Jigs ecosystem in that same vein. “Over the last year Built By Gamers has been working with NFTY Jigs, Haste Arcade, and
HandCash to develop the future of gaming,” said Searle. “We are creating what we think
is going to push gaming to the next level.”

Many blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, which has generated more than $2 billion
in revenue this year, have taken off with the rise of NFTs. However, high costs to enter,
high transaction fees, and game mechanics largely based on speculation lead many to
wonder about the long-term prosperity of these games. Micropayment-based NFT
games allow players to join at lower costs and to spend more time exploring the fun of
the games.

The partnership between Unbounded Enterprise and Built By Gamers can evolve over
time, starting with Unbounded Enterprise’s release of NFTY Jigs and Duro Dogs this
Fall. For more information on NFTY Jigs, Duro Dogs, or Built By Gamers, see below.


Duro Dogs

Built By Gamers

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