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Business 22 July 2024

BSV Blockchain: Building trust at scale

The last series of BSV Association's report, titled "Navigating Digital Transformation: Building trust in an automated world," dives on how and why BSV blockchain is posited as the go-to technology.

Zetly case study
Business 17 July 2024

Zetly case study

Zetly is making a real difference in shaping the future of sports and entertainment through its technological and strategic efforts to integrate blockchain, NFTs, and other emerging technologies.

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Press Releases 27 June 2024

Chronicle BSV Blockchain latest update

The new Chronicle update is a direct follow-up of the Genesis upgrade in 2020 and will further align the BSV blockchain with the original Bitcoin white paper.

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Business 31 May 2024

To trust the future, you must first trust the data

The report looks at how blockchain maintains trust, exploring a future world with 125 billion connected devices that rely on AI decision-making and IoT sensors recording terabytes of data per day.