Sam Chi discusses benefits of blockchain in entertainment

Much of the early discussion of the use of blockchain technology has focused on finance, digital currencies, and distribution chains, but one investor is focused on bringing it to the entertainment world. Sam Chi, the president of Landmark Asia Holdings, has built a successful career around making films in South Korea, China, and even Hollywood. He is now telling people that the use of this technology—Bitcoin SV (BSV) in particular—could be a benefit to the entire entertainment world.

[We are] really engaged in looking into what type of products or what kind of things can we do in the entertainment world that can be incorporated into BSV block.

At this point, Chi is finding that the use of blockchain is not advanced enough to meet the needs of South Korea. However, he believes it will not take long before they are rivaling some of the biggest names in the industry. “Unfortunately, BSV is not there yet in terms of where we need to be here in Korea. I’m hearing some wonderful ideas that can scare Netflix and Disney, and everyone around.”

At the moment, Chi believes that one of the biggest problems facing the use of blockchain technology is that developers and investors are trying to use outdated ideas with the new technology. He believes it is time to start being more innovative and start thinking more outside the box.

“All you need is one quick wake-up call, I guess, for people to understand what BSV is all about,” he said. “Right now, I tell people, and especially during the conference here, don’t focus on what you have and try to squeeze that into BSV block… because all of those wonderful ideas and products will eventually come to blocks like BSV.”

Chi is a Korean-American entertainment agent who has decades of experience within the industry. He has also served as a vice president at JPMorgan, PMG Food Systems, and PMG Entertainment. He joined Landmark Asia Holdings in 2005 and has helped to turn it into a global leader in the industry.

Chi has been involved in some of the best grossing movies in South Korea, including Old Boy, which won an award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. He has been working most recently in helping to empower individuals to design and develop new ideas powered by blockchain technology.

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