What are the challenges to adopting blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is already having a transformative effect on industry, with sectors across the board set to benefit from adopting blockchain technology. Much of the innovation on the frontline has come from large corporations, with the likes of Bank of America notable by their flurry of IP activity around new blockchain applications and implementations.

But for organizations more broadly, there still remain some key challenges to adopting blockchain technology and reaping the benefits.

According to the World Economic Forum in a whitepaper entitled “Blockchain Beyond the Hype: A Practical Framework for Business Leaders,” adopting blockchain technology is a business, as well as a technological, decision.

“Whether to adopt blockchain is not merely a technological decision; it is also a business decision. Good use cases must solve real problems for organizations. Great use cases solve real problems at a cost that is significantly lower than the benefits the adoption brings. As the decision-makers within an organization, it is important not to be tempted by the hype but instead to think honestly about whether using blockchain is a sound business decision – even in those cases where a well-defined problem exists,” the WEF experts noted, adding:

As with any technology deployment, the business need itself is the place to start. Blockchain’s unique properties, however, mean that a new analytical framework is useful, in part because of the fact that blockchain has emerged at a unique point in society’s technological development.

Perhaps most pointedly, the key challenge businesses face in adopting blockchain technology is the development and implementation costs, not to mention the technical challenges.

Furthermore, businesses face challenges over their choice of blockchain, with some more technically suitable for enterprise use cases.

On both fronts, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is emerging as the commercial blockchain protocol of choice, allowing for rapid, low-cost transactions and quickly development and deployment of on-chain apps.

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