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man holding a bitcoin at the back of 2023 wooden blocks
Business 27 December 2023

2023: A year in regulation

2023 is a challenging year for the digital asset space, with major firms collapsing, high-profile names getting into lawsuits, and regulators rushing to balance innovation and regulation.

New Year 2023 replace 2022 on the sea beach concept. — Photo
Editorial 2 January 2023

Farewell to 2022… Hello 2023!

2022 witnessed the dashing dreams of BTC loyalists who called for the price to hit $100k, given their infallible plan to get rich by HODLing, while the Defi crowd got their time in the sun.

Hacked code
Tech 31 December 2021

The biggest digital currency hacks in 2021

"Bring down the banks" has become a mantra in some corners of the industry, but what few talk about is just how many security breaches really happen in the industry and how unsuitable the sector is to replace traditional banking.