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AI integration blueprint into city processes released by New York

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New York has signaled an intention to rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to improve government services and the interaction of residents with city agencies.

In a 51-page document, New York laid out seven key initiatives to achieve its AI ambitions. The city administration disclosed plans to build a robust governance framework to establish a City AI Steering Committee and create ethical principles for their use.

“With the release of our AI Action Plan, the first-of-its-kind for a major U.S. city, we are cementing our commitment to this emerging technology’s responsible use, and ensuring we are deploying the right tools in the right ways,” said New York Mayor Eric Adams.

The government is keen on building external relationships and fostering public engagement to bring the private sector and members of the public on board. To speed up the efforts, New York administrators say they will invest in increasing AI skills and knowledge among government agencies in the city.

Before turning to AI, local agencies must carry out an in-depth assessment, run a pilot program, and “develop AI-specific procurement standards” to guide efforts.

Agencies looking to leverage AI for their processes will be supported at every step via risk analysis and implementation support, with the city pledging to publish an annual AI Progress Report.

The blueprint divides the objectives into immediate actions expected to begin within one year and medium-term measures with a 12-24 month start time.

Alongside the blueprint’s release is an ambitious plan by the city to roll out its AI chatbot designed to assist residents in registering and running a business enterprise. The first-of-its-kind chatbot will contain information on over 2,000 businesses, providing new business owners with actionable points to help them avoid fines.

“Through the creation of this simple, easy-to-use tool, we are removing barriers to city resources that have the potential to positively impact small businesses across New York,” said Maria Torres-Springer, Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development and Workforce.

AI integration with government processes

Government agencies in the United States are turning to AI to finetune their processes, citing increased employee efficiency and productivity. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has confirmed that it uses AI tools to monitor financial markets for fraud and manipulation as it continues its crusade on the digital currency sectors.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is moving toward building its AI bot specifically tailored for large-scale investigations. Amid the frenetic rush for AI integrations, regulators are scrambling robust regulations to ensure safe usage.

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