Latest Satoshi Nakamoto News

Editorial 3 November 2020

3 Wrights don’t make a wrong

Like the Wright Flyer of 1903, BitCoin is an incredible elegant invention which is one of the greatest creations of our era, and possibly THE greatest, John Pitts writes.

Business 31 October 2020

Bitcoin White Paper Day

Satoshi Nakamoto debuted the Bitcoin white paper to the Cryptography Mailing List on October 31, 2008, saying, “I’ve been working on a new electronic cash system.”

Business 23 October 2020

It’s Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday!

Today Satoshi Nakamoto, whose government name is Craig Steven Wright, turns 50 years old—half a century! Beyond the birthday, the birth and evolution of Bitcoin over the years is just as impressive.

Editorial 3 August 2020

Bitcoin has a red history

We have arrived at a community of nominal libertarians who support price-fixing, production quotas, and who are decidedly against utility, Brent Bevear writes.