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ICE London 2023 interview of Nick Hill with Becky Liggero
Events 10 March 2023

ICE London 2023 highlights

ICE London set an attendance record when it welcomed 40,000 unique gambling industry attendees to the ExCeL from February 7 to 9, such an exciting milestone for Clarion, the event organizer.

Becky Liggero on The Blockchain Beat - ICE London
Interviews 6 June 2022

The Blockchain Beat: ICE London 2022

The affiliate marketing space is not technologically advanced, meaning there is a long way to go before blockchain tech is adopted in the space—and the same goes for the gambling regulators.

The blockchain beat forum in London
Interviews 30 March 2022

The Blockchain Beat: Player Protection Forum London

Responsible gambling has always been an important topic within the gambling industry, but only recently the industry is hearing about blockchain-powered solutions to the classic pain points in this area.

BECKY on the blockchain beat
Interviews 31 January 2022

The Blockchain Beat: WGES Barcelona

On the premiere episode of The Blockchain Beat, Becky Liggero brings us a special report on the World Gaming Executive Summit (WGES) 2021 where she went around to ask what professionals think about the powers of blockchain technology.