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Business 19 August 2022

Galaxy Digital BitGo deal falls through

According to Galaxy Digital, the deal was broken off because BitGo failed to deliver an audited financial statement for the 2021 business year by the required date, July 31, 2022.

Editorial 29 June 2021

Mike Novogratz (almost) gets it

It was only a matter of time before bigwigs in the digital currency space started to wake up to what Dr. Craig Wright and other voices in BSV blockchain have been telling them all along.

Novogratz sinks $15 million into crypto exchange startup
Business 19 June 2018

Mike Novogratz sinks $15M into crypto exchange startup

Galaxy Digital Capital Management’s founder, Mike Novogratz has expanded its portfolio by investing $15 million in a start-up company AlphaPoint to help drive this revolutionary change in digital markets.