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Tech 30 November 2023

HODL Monitor optimizes how we consume information

The idea of HODL Monitor is for users to receive push notifications and quickly consume locked, on-chain content without visiting or any other interface that supports locking.

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Editorial 2 September 2022

Value – creation, definition & transaction

A thing's value is measured on its essence in society, particularly the economy, but its worth may also be defined through agreements in the system in which it is being used.

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Editorial 25 March 2022

Why fewer people HODL

Blockchain enthusiasts use to tell the world to HODL every time the price of digital assets dropped or plummeted, but now, it seems like the HODL strategy has been retired.

Editorial 9 August 2021

‘The Bitcoin Standard’: A review

Online reviews, social media posts, and Twitter bios echo similar sentiments: the book is apparently revelatory and life-changing, putting people on The Bitcoin Standard pathway, initiating them into the HODL culture of BTC maximalism.

Editorial 29 July 2021

The Mastercard Bitcoin conspiracy

Bitcoin was disruptive, so Mastercard muzzled it, using “number go up” as lubrication to shut down the narrative of Bitcoin being a true fintech revelation, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.