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Germany and United States flags together relations textile cloth, fabric texture
Business 30 August 2023

Germany devises AI investment plan to match US

Germany pursues its ambition to double down on AI funding, with Bettina Stark-Watzinger saying the plan would support further innovation and create regulatory initiatives amid threats posed by the technology.

Worldcoin logo on eye ball
Business 7 August 2023

UK, France and Germany all crack down on Worldcoin

In the U.K., the Information Commissioner's Office is investigating WorldCoin over its data handling and processing, while Germany and France deem its data collection process questionable.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. covering 7th Hello Metanet Workshop
Editorial 20 June 2023

Bitcoin: Live aus Berlin

Kurt Wuckert Jr. attended the 7th Metanet workshop in Moritzplatz Berlin, which was dominated by talks about the Ordinals, Bitcoin script, concepts in Bitcoin, and much more.