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Business 28 July 2023

The CoinDesk sale: Chickens coming home to roost

The CoinDesk sale is a significant event in the blockchain economy—a wake-up call for the community and a reminder that accountability is essential in any industry, including the blockchain industry.

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Business 31 May 2023

Gemini, Genesis want SEC charges dismissed

Genesis and Gemini argued that the alleged ‘securities’ in this case are mere lone agreements being incorrectly characterized by the SEC as securities offerings.

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Editorial 16 May 2023

Bitcoin token war 2.0?

The future of Bitcoin and its tokens remains uncertain—will the digital currency community learn from its past and find a way to reconcile its differences, or is another civil war inevitable?

Barry Silbert
Editorial 27 January 2023

Barry Silbert was bullish on Bitcoin BSV—even in 2014

Barry Silbert was bullish on bitcoin in 2014; however, in 2017-2022, he turned to a multi-chain and speculation/trading-based investment strat, leading to one of the major bankruptcies of this bear market.