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Business 31 May 2024

To trust the future, you must first trust the data

The report looks at how blockchain maintains trust, exploring a future world with 125 billion connected devices that rely on AI decision-making and IoT sensors recording terabytes of data per day.

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Business 8 January 2024

Intel debuts generative AI spin-out Articul8

Intel is stepping up its game, venturing into the artificial intelligence industry with the launch of its enterprise GenAI firm Articul8, whose mission is to address the gap in the sector safely and cost-effectively.

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Business 28 December 2023

Apple eyes media deals for AI development

With its eyes set on winning the artificial intelligence race, Apple is looking to collaborate with prominent media outlets in its generative AI development, but news execs weren't too thrilled with this idea.

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Interviews 24 October 2023

Copyright law in the age of AI

There is potentially a better way to ensure copyright protection in this generative AI age, outside of the long and expensive litigious route to the Supreme Court, through blockchain technology.