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Free the Data
Editorial 21 November 2023

Free the data!

Social media CEOs from tech giants like Twitter and Facebook were able to build some of the greatest wealth (and power) in the world's history by selling their users' aggregate data.

Metaverse logo on a mobile phone
Business 15 March 2023

Meta gives up on NFTs

After debuting NFTs on Facebook and Instagram in 2022, Meta is winding down the project, which hasn’t taken off amid a major dip in NFT trading volume.

Barry Silbert
Editorial 27 January 2023

Barry Silbert was bullish on Bitcoin BSV—even in 2014

Barry Silbert was bullish on bitcoin in 2014; however, in 2017-2022, he turned to a multi-chain and speculation/trading-based investment strat, leading to one of the major bankruptcies of this bear market.