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Editorial 25 July 2022

We should discuss if we need Paymail

Paymail is a way for a business to say, you are my customer and this is the way that others interact with you on my business platform.

ElectrumSV prepares to support SPV and Paymail
Tech 29 July 2021

ElectrumSV prepares to support SPV and Paymail

The ElectrumSV development team tweeted last week that it is refactoring its code base and testing, and will release a beta version of 1.4.0 when done. The most current ElectrumSV version is 1.3.13.

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Editorial 11 November 2020

CoinDesk is lying about the ElectrumSV bug

CoinDesk and Gregory Maxwell have teamed up to misrepresent the nature and scope of a bug in an ElectrumSV script for an experimental multisig wallet type, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.