Latest CBDC News

China is giving away $3 million worth of DC/EP
Business 4 December 2020

China’s $3 million DC/EP lottery

The city of Suzhou in China will be distributing 20 million yuan ($3 million) of China's central bank digital currency–the DC/EP–via a lottery.

Japan is preparing to pilot a digital yen
Business 19 November 2020

A digital yen will be piloted in 2021

Japan's Study Group on Digital Currency Settlement Infrastructure has announced that a two-layered digital yen will be piloted in 2021.

PBoC gives DC/EP updates
Business 2 November 2020

PBoC Governor gives DC/EP update

Peoples Bank of China governor Yi Gang gave several announcements regarding the DC/EP at Hong Kong Fintech week–Yi Gang's reports indicate progress.

MasterCard Launches Central Bank Digital Currency Test Platform
Business 9 September 2020

Mastercard launches CBDC test platform

MasterCard launched a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) test platform that allows users to simulate the issuance, distribution, and exchange of CBDCs